• Paving the Way with Open Source

    Frank DiMuzio, Emerging Technology Lead for Red Hat, discusses how open source lays a foundation for simpler, more flexible and business-smart cloud deployment.

    • Cloud, Red Hat
  • Bill Rials: Why Automation is the Key to Better Cloud Security

    Bill Rials, Ph.D., discusses how cloud is driving the need for new capabilities around managing and securing complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments and how automation can help address these challenges.

    • Cloud, All
  • FCW Report: The Rise of Edge Computing

    As endpoints proliferate and enabling technologies become more robust, agencies are finding that solutions to some of their biggest challenges lie at the network’s edge.

    • Edge Computing, All
  • Why Edge Computing is the New Frontier

    The key to better security, decision-making and productivity exists at the farthest edge of the IT network.

    • Edge Computing, All
  • Streamlining the Adoption of Edge Computing

    Garrett Clark, Practice Lead of OpenShift Virtualization, Storage and Hyperconverged Infrastructure for North American Public Sector at Red Hat, discusses how hyperconverged infrastructure and open source are fueling the rise in edge technology.

    • Edge Computing, Red Hat
  • A Unified Approach to Edge Computing

    Dan Fallon, Senior Director of Public Sector Systems Engineers at Nutanix, explains why software is the key to managing edge environments and harnessing the power of data.

    • Edge Computing, Nutanix
  • How to Unleash the Power of Edge Computing

    Frank Wilde, Vice President of the Global Center of Excellence for SAP, describes how edge services thrive when combined with a robust data platform and advanced connectivity.

    • Edge Computing, SAP
  • Accelerating Mission Success at the Edge

    Kirsten Billhardt, Global Marketing Director for Edge and IoT Solutions at Dell Technologies, examines how faster access to insights opens up new opportunities for employee engagement and innovation.

    • Edge Computing, Dell Technologies
  • Beyond the Data Center and the Cloud

    Lorraine Bassett, Principal Technical Business Development Leader for IoT at AWS Worldwide Public Sector, discusses how the latest edge devices are rugged, portable and adapted to environments with intermittent connectivity.

    • Edge Computing, AWS
  • Edge: The Next Paradigm Shift in IT

    Lelah Manz, Senior Vice President for Web Performance at Akamai, explores how edge computing complements cloud-based centralization to help mitigate inefficiencies and risks.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai
  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Lytwaive Hutchinson

    Lytwaive Hutchinson, CIO for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, discusses how the agency is embracing edge computing and the technology’s impact on the future of IT.

    • Edge Computing, All
  • The Evolution of Cloud Security

    Matt Goodrich explains that the increasingly robust security of cloud systems helps agencies deliver faster, better customer services.

    • Cloud, Salesforce
  • Cloud's Ongoing Impact on Mission Outcomes

    Jenny Berarducci suggests that agencies choose technology with built-in flexibility to meet their needs now and in the future.

    • Cloud, Salesforce
  • AI Speeds Delivery of Government Services

    Teresa Smetzer explains how using AI to tackle data challenges is critical to empowering missions.

    • Cloud, Salesforce
  • 3 Data Myths Busted by Tableau: A Conversation with Steve Spano

    Steve Spano continues to promote the importance of data and data culture, helping leaders and others in government discover how to leverage data as a strategic asset.

    • Cloud, Tableau