• Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Guy Cavallo

    Guy Cavallo, CIO at the Office of Personnel Management, explores IT modernization and multi-cloud adoption at OPM.

    • Cloud, All
  • Supporting AI/ML at the Tactical Edge

    The Defense Department has been working for years to realize its vision of tactical edge computing. The goal? To orchestrate multiple commercial and private tactical clouds and deliver battlefield intelligence and data fusion in ways never done before.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Red Hat
  • FNN Expert Edition 2023 AI

    In this ebook, we share strategies and tactics for accelerating and maturing federal AI/ML initiatives, along with details about implementing new technology tools, establishing appropriate guardrails and developing metrics for success.

    • Artificial Intelligence, All
  • 2GIT Contract Guide

    Over 88,000 products from more than 200 vendor partners are available through Carahsoft’s 2GIT Contract 47QTCA21A000R, supporting all DoD and Federal agencies with software, services, maintenance and hardware. In this Federal News Network 2GIT Contract Guide, we take you inside the BPA to learn more about the 2GIT vehicle and how to use it.

    • Supply Chain, All
  • Data, Automation Key Ingredients to Secure Digital Transformation

    Bill Rowan, Vice President for Public Sector at Splunk, explores how new requirements and opportunities are driving agencies toward a digital future that must include multi-cloud, software-as-a-service and an innovative mindset.

    • Automation, Big Data, Splunk
  • Report: The Open Source Revolution in Government

    Enterprise open source technology continues to gain ground as agencies recognize its ability to spur innovation across mission areas.

    • Open Source, All
  • Enterprise Open Source: The Best of Both Worlds

    The combined power of community-driven innovation and industry-leading technical support is expanding the government’s capacity for innovation.

    • Open Source, All
  • Why Open Source is a Mission-Critical Foundation

    Christopher Smith, Vice President and General Manager of the North America Public Sector at Red Hat, explains why open source’s inherent transparency, portability and innovation have made it a key driver of the digital revolution.

    • Open Source, Red Hat
  • How Open Source is Expanding its Mission Reach

    David Erickson, Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Elastic, discusses how open source technologies enable agencies to control and query their own data for faster insights and decisions.

    • Open Source, Elastic
  • The Open Source Community’s Commitment to Security

    Joel Krooswyk, Federal CTO at GitLab, details how contributors’ pride in their code has led to robust processes for ensuring the integrity of open source components.

    • Open Source, GitLab
  • The Limitless Potential of an Open Source Database

    Jeremy A. Wilson, CTO of the North America Public Sector at EDB, discusses how a scalable, reliable and secure database like Postgres plays an integral role in digital transformation.

    • Open Source
  • Modernizing Digital Services with Open Source

    Tami Pearlstein, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Acquia, explains how an open source platform helps agencies deliver digital experiences that meet their constituents’ current and future needs.

    • Open Source, Acquia
  • Creating Secure Open Source Repositories

    Maury Cupitt, Regional Vice President of Sales Engineering at Sonatype, details why visibility and automation allow agencies to identify and mitigate the risks of open source software components.

    • Open Source, Sonatype
  • Better Data Flows for a Better Customer Experience

    Jason Schick, General Manager of Confluent US Public Sector, explores how, by capturing data into streams of real-time events, agencies boost their ability to provide responsive digital services.

    • Open Source, Confluent