• 2023 GovLoop Guide Unpacking Digital Transformation

    Through the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) and the American Rescue Plan (ARP), Congress is providing significant funding for updating or replacing legacy systems, with a focus on both improving the security of government systems and delivering better services. The challenge, now, is to make those investments pay off.

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  • Making the Most of Multi-Cloud

    With the right strategy and industry partners, agencies can build robust cloud environments that prioritize security and provide the visibility necessary to manage operations and costs.

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  • The Growing Power of Multi-Cloud

    Creating a comprehensive cloud infrastructure from best-of-breed products is essential for innovation and modernization

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  • How the Mission Drives Multi-Cloud Success

    Scott Frohman, Head of Defense Programs at Google Cloud, explains why a thoughtful approach to cloud adoption minimizes the impact on users, strengthens security and boosts innovation.

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  • Choosing the Right Cloud Tool for the Job

    Jason Payne, CTO at Microsoft Federal, discusses how a multi-cloud environment gives agencies a wide selection of options for achieving their mission goals.

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  • Seamlessly Embracing a Multi-Cloud Environment

    James Donlon, Director of Solution Engineering for Government and Education at Oracle, details why decisions about cloud services hinge on understanding agencies’ needs and providers’ capabilities.

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  • The Move to Multi-Cloud by Default

    Adam Clater, Chief Architect of the North America Public Sector at Red Hat, discusses how a shift in procurement and congressional activity is driving agencies to multi-cloud deployments.

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  • A Smarter Approach to Cloud Adoption

    Jeremiah Sanders, Senior Transformation Strategist at VMware, explains how a “migrate then modernize” strategy speeds the move to a secure, consistent multi-cloud operating model.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Guy Cavallo

    Guy Cavallo, CIO at the Office of Personnel Management, explores IT modernization and multi-cloud adoption at OPM.

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  • Supporting AI/ML at the Tactical Edge

    The Defense Department has been working for years to realize its vision of tactical edge computing. The goal? To orchestrate multiple commercial and private tactical clouds and deliver battlefield intelligence and data fusion in ways never done before.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Red Hat
  • FNN Expert Edition 2023 AI

    In this ebook, we share strategies and tactics for accelerating and maturing federal AI/ML initiatives, along with details about implementing new technology tools, establishing appropriate guardrails and developing metrics for success.

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  • 2GIT Contract Guide

    Over 88,000 products from more than 200 vendor partners are available through Carahsoft’s 2GIT Contract 47QTCA21A000R, supporting all DoD and Federal agencies with software, services, maintenance and hardware. In this Federal News Network 2GIT Contract Guide, we take you inside the BPA to learn more about the 2GIT vehicle and how to use it.

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  • Data, Automation Key Ingredients to Secure Digital Transformation

    Bill Rowan, Vice President for Public Sector at Splunk, explores how new requirements and opportunities are driving agencies toward a digital future that must include multi-cloud, software-as-a-service and an innovative mindset.

    • Automation, Big Data, Splunk
  • Report: The Open Source Revolution in Government

    Enterprise open source technology continues to gain ground as agencies recognize its ability to spur innovation across mission areas.

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