• Cloud, Edge Computing and Analytics: A Powerful Combination

    State and local governments use these tools to drive insights and smart applications.

    • Cloud computing, All
  • Service Management: Optimizing a Complex IT Environment

    In this Q&A, Chris Dilley, CTO for state and local government at ServiceNow, explains how an enterprise service management platform can streamline, automate and manage the delivery of enterprise services.

    • Cloud computing, ServiceNow
  • Data Visualization: Going Beyond Reporting

    Anthony Young, state and local government and education enterprise architect for Tableau, provides insight into new developments in data analysis and visualization tools.

    • Cloud computing, Tableau
  • Digital Transactions: Moving Agreement to the Cloud

    Barton Phillips, vice president of public sector for DocuSign, highlights the benefits of using cloud-based electronic signature technology for digital interactions.

    • Cloud computing, Enterprise Security, DocuSign
  • Open Source: A Common Standard for Cloud, Edge and IoT

    In this Q&A, Red Hat’s Dwight Chamberlain, senior director and head of sales for state and local government and education, discusses the crucial role that open source technology plays in edge computing, IoT and cloud innovation.

    • Cloud computing, Red Hat, Open Source
  • Identity Management: Meeting the Needs of Modern Computing Platforms

    Ted Girard, vice president of public sector for Okta, discusses how modern cloud-based identity systems can address the unique challenges of identity management in edge, cloud and IoT environments.

    • Cloud computing, Enterprise Security, Okta
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure: A Key Building Block for Evolving IT Environments

    In this Q&A, Satyam Vaghani, general manager for AI and IoT at Nutanix, explains how hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies the move to IoT, edge and cloud computing environments.

    • Cloud computing, Nutanix
  • 3 Considerations for the Edge Computing Era

    Join Bob Woolley, senior fellow for the Center for Digital Government and former chief technical architect for the Utah Department of Technology Services, for his insight on what to expect out of edge computing in the near future.

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  • Improving User Experience Speeds Modernization Efforts

    Eva Skidmore, the Vice President of Public Sector for Salesforce, discusses why agencies need to continue to improve customer service and IT modernization together by adopting open platforms and application programming interfaces (APIs).

    • Cloud computing, Salesforce
  • FCW Report: Building Momentum for Modernization

    Learn how government agencies' efforts to transform every aspect of government are picking up speed to meet new challenges with emerging technologies and insights from Dell and its strategically aligned business partners.

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  • On the Road to Modernization

    Government agencies are navigating the challenging terrain of IT modernization with the help of ever-evolving tools and techniques.

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  • Teaching Agencies to Modernize

    Cameron Chehreh, CTO for Public Sector at Dell EMC, explains how the U.S. Air Force is an example for organizations that want to modernize their use of IT.

    • Dell EMC, IT Modernization
  • Creating a Culture of Modernization

    Paul Puckett, CTO of Federal at Pivotal Software, shows how a single team trained in lean methodologies can begin to transform an agency’s mindset

    • Pivotal, IT Modernization
  • Breaking Down Barriers to Collaboration

    According to Bill Rowan, VP of Federal Sales at VMware, modernization depends on government and industry joining forces in new and powerful ways.

    • VMware, IT Modernization
  • Transforming Data into Value

    Ed Krejcik, Manager of Isilon Systems Engineers at Dell EMC, says the growing focus on data capital is a catalyst for key modernization technologies.

    • Dell EMC, IT Modernization