• Transparency's Role in AI Innovation

    David Egts of Red Hat provides insights on how open source tools and a light approach to regulation can speed advances in AI.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Red Hat
  • The Power of an Open Source Approach to AI

    According to Shaun Bierweiler of Cloudera, agencies need flexible, comprehensive data platforms and strategies to achieve the promise of AI.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Cloudera
  • Cloud Raises AI to New Heights

    Susie Adams of Microsoft says that cloud and AI together are enabling more robust analysis and sharing of data for better mission outcomes.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Microsoft
  • Modernizing Intelligence Analysis

    Abe Usher and Al Di Leonardo of Black Cape explain how automation technology can help agencies derive insights from data sources too vast for human review.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Black Cape
  • Building Public Trust in Responsible AI

    Matt Tarascio and Chris Benson of Lockheed Martin state that ensuring the ethical, responsible use of AI is crucial to ensuring a bright future for society.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Lockheed Martin
  • The Importance of Adding Context to Data

    David Wray of Micro Focus Government Solutions says that the success of AI and machine learning is rooted in the speed, quality and correlation of data.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Micro Focus Government Solutions
  • Democratizing Data Science

    Chad Cisco of DataRobot explains that, with automated machine learning, any employee can reap the benefits of AI.

    • Artificial Intelligence, DataRobot
  • A New Approach to Data Analytics

    Monica McEwen of ThoughtSpot explains how search-driven analytics puts the power of AI in the hands of even nontechnical employees.

    • Artificial Intelligence, ThoughtSpot
  • A Conversation with Ken Thomson

    Ken Thomson discusses how the Department of Health and Human Services is using artificial intelligence as part of a data-driven initiative to leverage their collective purchasing power.

    • Artificial Intelligence
  • AI, Intelligent Automation Gives Agencies New Capabilities to Improve Citizen Services

    Dave York, the Senior Vice President of U.S. Public Sector for Genesys, describes how agencies can use RPA, AI and intelligent automation to continue and accelerate their digital transformations and improve citizen services.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Genesys
  • BeyondTrust Improves Security for Higher Education

    Innovation in Government Success Stories: Hear how BeyondTrust partnered with a major university to implement a just-in-time privileged access management solution to address the challenges of managing identity lifecycles across diverse user populations.

    • Cybersecurity , BeyondTrust
  • Cloud, Security, Automation: The Three-legs of the IT Transformation Stool

    David Wray, the Public Sector Chief Technology Officer at Micro Focus Government Solutions, details how the move to the cloud is getting less daunting now that cloud security is better understood and practiced.

    • IT Modernization, Micro Focus Government Solutions
  • FCW Report: Elevating Government Services with Cloud

    Read how agencies are rapidly improving mission outcomes from digital services to employee engagement by leveraging cloud technology as the catalyst for change. Featuring insights from Salesforce and its partners.

    • Cloud, All
  • How Cloud is Driving the Quest for Better CX

    The government’s ability to improve the customer experience is being fueled by the scalability and flexibility that cloud technology offers.

    • Cloud, Salesforce
  • Transforming Government Services

    According to Casey Coleman, government customers, employees and partners are the focus of modern service delivery.

    • Cloud, Salesforce