• Simple, Smart and Fast: Search-Driven Analytics for Data Privacy and Compliance

    Helen Xing, Senior Director of Global Public Sector and Industry Alliances at ThoughtSpot, discusses how agencies can use search-driven analytics to simplify and improve data privacy and compliance.

    • Big Data, ThoughtSpot
  • Using a Data-Centric Approach to Reduce Risk and Manage Disruption

    Paul Agbabian, Global CTO and Chief Architect for Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom, makes the case for a data-centric approach to develop resilient data privacy and compliance programs.

    • Big Data, Broadcom
  • Leading Through Change

    Jeremy Blaney, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Tableau, highlights how organizations can use data to lead through change while still meeting privacy and compliance requirements.

    • Big Data, Tableau
  • Mark Weatherford: The Future of Privacy in the U.S.

    Mark Weatherford, Former Deputy Undersecretary for Cybersecurity at DHS, discusses the future of privacy legislation in the U.S. and the role emerging technologies can play in helping agencies contend with growing privacy and regulatory complexity.

    • Big Data, All
  • GovLoop Guide: CIO Perspectives on Telework

    This guide, created by Carahsoft and GovLoop, examines the lessons learned by Federal and state agencies during the transition to teleworking to combat the COVID-19 outbreak and how the move to digitizing services will improve mission resiliency for future crises. Featuring insights from CIOs at FDIC, GSA, NRC, NSF, and the states of Colorado and Delaware.

    • IT Modernization, Mobility & Telework, All
  • Be Aware: Your Online Services May Be Suffering from Credential Stuffing Attacks

    Dan Woods, Vice President of the Shape Intelligence Center with Shape Security, now part of F5 Networks, discusses the rising success rate of credential stuffing attacks and how agencies can counter these tactics using advanced analytics on their network traffic.

    • Cybersecurity , F5 Networks
  • GovTech Report: Best of What's New in Government Performance and Innovation

    As data tools and strategies mature, governments across the nation are using analytics to address specific community concerns. Learn how state and local agencies are leveraging cloud-based tools and enterprise strategies to move toward a more data-driven and automated future.

    • Big Data, IT Modernization, All
  • Turning Data Into Insight

    GovTech's research team examines the trends behind how cloud-based tools and enterprise strategies are helping agencies get smarter faster.

    • Big Data, IT Modernization, All
  • Visibility and Automation Are Keys to Managing Complex Hybrid Environments

    Brandon Shopp, Vice President of Product for SolarWinds, discusses how visibility is critical to understand and manage today's technology infrastructures.

    • Big Data, IT Modernization, SolarWinds
  • Enterprise Data Clouds Help Government Get Smarter and More Predictive

    Joe Perrino, Regional Vice President of Civilian and SLED for Cloudera, explains how an enterprise data cloud can help governments move toward a data-driven, automated future.

    • Big Data, IT Modernization, Cloudera
  • Intelligent Data Management Prepares Agencies for a Data-Driven Future

    Mike Anderson, Chief Federal Strategist for Informatica, discusses how intelligent data management helps organizations fully embrace the strategic use of data.

    • Big Data, IT Modernization, Informatica
  • Automation Enables Governments to Address Growing Digital Risk

    Dan Carayiannis, RSA Archer Public Sector Director, discusses how government organizations can use automation and best practices to manage digital risk.

    • Big Data, IT Modernization, RSA
  • Building a Data Legacy: 3 Tips to Get the Ball Rolling

    Dewand Neely, former CIO for the State of Indiana, highlights 3 tips that he learned from using data analytics to understand and solve problems during his tenure.

    • Big Data, IT Modernization, All
  • FCW Report: Designing a Better Digital Experience

    Learn how government agencies can shift their focus to customers to provide a seamless digital experience that can enhance the ability to achieve missions and improve lives. Featuring insights from Carahsoft's CX technology partners and industry research from FCW.

    • Citizen Experience, All
  • Forging Tighter Links with Customers

    FCW's research team details the trends behind the increasing pressure for agencies to provide a customer experience on par with that of the private sector.

    • Citizen Experience, All