• Enterprise Open Source: The Best of Both Worlds

    The combined power of community-driven innovation and industry-leading technical support is expanding the government’s capacity for innovation.

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  • Why Open Source is a Mission-Critical Foundation

    Christopher Smith, Vice President and General Manager of the North America Public Sector at Red Hat, explains why open source’s inherent transparency, portability and innovation have made it a key driver of the digital revolution.

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  • How Open Source is Expanding its Mission Reach

    David Erickson, Senior Director of Solutions Architecture at Elastic, discusses how open source technologies enable agencies to control and query their own data for faster insights and decisions.

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  • The Open Source Community’s Commitment to Security

    Joel Krooswyk, Federal CTO at GitLab, details how contributors’ pride in their code has led to robust processes for ensuring the integrity of open source components.

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  • The Limitless Potential of an Open Source Database

    Jeremy A. Wilson, CTO of the North America Public Sector at EDB, discusses how a scalable, reliable and secure database like Postgres plays an integral role in digital transformation.

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  • Modernizing Digital Services with Open Source

    Tami Pearlstein, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Acquia, explains how an open source platform helps agencies deliver digital experiences that meet their constituents’ current and future needs.

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  • Creating Secure Open Source Repositories

    Maury Cupitt, Regional Vice President of Sales Engineering at Sonatype, details why visibility and automation allow agencies to identify and mitigate the risks of open source software components.

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  • Better Data Flows for a Better Customer Experience

    Jason Schick, General Manager of Confluent US Public Sector, explores how, by capturing data into streams of real-time events, agencies boost their ability to provide responsive digital services.

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  • An Open Source Approach to Data Analytics

    Howard Levenson, Regional Vice President at Databricks, details how, thanks to advances in storage and analysis, agencies can harness all their data for more effective decision-making.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with the Air Force about Open Source

    The Air Force's CIO, Lauren Knausenberger, Material Leader of Platform One, Lt. Col. Brian Viola and CTO, Maj. Camdon Cady explore the approach to and benefits of open source.

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  • Your Guide to Building Constituent Engagement

    In this guide, leaders from state and local agencies share their challenges, solutions and recommendations for reaching residents in a digital and hybrid world, and industry experts offer their thoughts on the current landscape.

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  • A New Era in Cybersecurity

    Strengthening the security and resilience of government systems requires a combination of tried-and-true fundamentals and a willingness to innovate in response to new challenges. In partnership with AvePoint, Cribl, Okta, SentinelOne, Splunk and Thales TCT.

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  • The Never-Ending Evolution of Cybersecurity

    Following best practices for cyber hygiene is still a foundation for success, but agencies also need modern approaches to modern threats.

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  • The Power of Real-Time Cyber Intelligence

    Automation and ongoing collaboration can improve threat detection, incident response and overall security.

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