• Building Public Trust in Responsible AI

    Matt Tarascio and Chris Benson of Lockheed Martin state that ensuring the ethical, responsible use of AI is crucial to ensuring a bright future for society.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Lockheed Martin
  • Simple, Smart and Fast: Search-Driven Analytics for Data Privacy and Compliance

    Helen Xing, Senior Director of Global Public Sector and Industry Alliances at ThoughtSpot, discusses how agencies can use search-driven analytics to simplify and improve data privacy and compliance.

    • Big Data, ThoughtSpot
  • Rethinking Security in The Age of COVID-19

    Jim Richberg, Public-Sector Field CISO of Fortinet, discusses how agencies should begin preparing now for the next crisis and for looming budget constraints.

    • Cybersecurity , Fortinet
  • Using the Right Tools and Approach to Leverage Data Strategically

    Kieran Taylor, Head of Marketing for AI Operations, and Chip Mason, Product Management, Mainframe Security at Broadcom, explain how state and local agencies can leverage data across an expanded infrastructure and the new opportunities this approach creates.

    • Cloud, Broadcom
  • Why Security Hinges on Interoperability

    Aubrey Merchant-Dest, Federal CTO at Symantec, details why the U.S. Air Force provides a model for organizations and agencies that want to modernize across the enterprise.

    • Symantec, Cybersecurity
  • The Importance of Adding Context to Data

    David Wray of Micro Focus Government Solutions says that the success of AI and machine learning is rooted in the speed, quality and correlation of data.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Micro Focus Government Solutions
  • Integrating the Continuum of Care

    Boomi's Healthcare CTO Evangelist John Reeves discusses how integration platform as a service (iPaaS) simplifies integration across the enterprise, speeds time to value and improves patient outcomes.

    • Healthcare, Boomi
  • Cyber Leaders Share Insights on Cloud Security

    Government and nonprofit leaders from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Commerce and Cloud Security Alliance join industry leaders from McAfee to discuss the best practices and role of personnel in cybersecurity as both private and public sectors move toward a mobile workforce.

    • Cybersecurity , McAfee
  • Democratizing Data Science

    Chad Cisco of DataRobot explains that, with automated machine learning, any employee can reap the benefits of AI.

    • Artificial Intelligence, DataRobot
  • Building a Data Legacy: 3 Tips to Get the Ball Rolling

    Dewand Neely, former CIO for the State of Indiana, highlights 3 tips that he learned from using data analytics to understand and solve problems during his tenure.

    • Big Data, IT Modernization, All
  • Using a Data-Centric Approach to Reduce Risk and Manage Disruption

    Paul Agbabian, Global CTO and Chief Architect for Symantec Enterprise Division of Broadcom, makes the case for a data-centric approach to develop resilient data privacy and compliance programs.

    • Big Data, Broadcom
  • Flexible, Sustainable Data Solutions Start with the Right Platform

    Marcus Waineo, Chief Technology Officer, and Henry Sowell, Chief Information Officer at Cloudera Government Solutions, discuss how data movement, storage and analysis are changing how governments can take advantage of new platforms.

    • Cloud, Cloudera
  • A New Approach to Data Analytics

    Monica McEwen of ThoughtSpot explains how search-driven analytics puts the power of AI in the hands of even nontechnical employees.

    • Artificial Intelligence, ThoughtSpot
  • Improving Citizens’ Digital Journey Through HHS

    Megan Atchley, Health and Human Services Director for Adobe, explains how government organizations can achieve quick wins to improve services, simplify content creation and reduce costs.

    • Healthcare, Adobe
  • Why the Time to Modernize is Now

    Boomi's Vice President of Federal, Alan Lawrence, explains why modernization is not easy, but it is the key to improving security, engagement and outcomes.

    • IT Modernization, Boomi