• The Path to Future-Ready Government IT

    With challenges at every turn, agencies need technologies that can negotiate today’s obstacles while preparing them for what lies ahead.

    • IT Modernization, All
  • The Journey from Reactive to Proactive

    Fast, scalable and cost-effective tools are the key to future-proofing government systems and facilitating innovation in times of calm and crisis.

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  • Why 5G is More Than a Telecom Revolution

    A 5G-enabled platform allows agencies to adopt new services and applications now and in the future.

    • IT Modernization, Dell Technologies, VMware
  • Beyond Tools: A More Holistic Approach to Security

    Agencies must improve the way they protect critical assets by embracing an end-to-end mindset that includes zero trust.

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  • How to Streamline Modern App Development

    Agencies should be able to focus on user-centric apps rather than the complexities of the underlying IT.

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  • The Importance of a Multi-Cloud Strategy

    Gaining visibility and control over all cloud environments is essential for secure, modern IT operations.

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  • Bringing AI-Powered Tech to Government

    A solution from NVIDIA and VMware enables agencies to layer cutting-edge AI into existing platforms.

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  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with Col. Jennifer Krolikowski

    An acquisition leader discusses why Space Force embraces datacentric apps, agile development and industry partnerships.

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  • GovLoop Guide: Advancing the Art of Data Analytics

    This guide, created by Carahsoft and GovLoop, explores how agencies at the Federal, state, and local levels are updating their data strategies with the latest technology. Plus, hear from data innovators at the CDC, North Carolina, the US Census, Indiana, the DOT, and the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled as well as Carahsoft's technology experts.

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  • The Best of What’s New in Hybrid and Remote Work

    As the pandemic subsides, state and local agencies navigate permanent workforce changes.

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  • Transforming the Workplace

    Long-term adoption of remote work will drive technology modernization and new management policies.

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  • Modernizing Contact Centers to Enable Remote Work

    The pandemic forced government contact centers to modify how they provide services. Ivory Dugar, senior solutions consultant at Genesys, answers the equipment and workforce optimization questions that are top-of-mind for agencies that extend operations to remote agents.

    • Mobility & Telework, Genesys
  • Giving Remote Workers Access to Resources They Need

    As organizations shift to remote work, they need to rethink how they manage users, applications and devices. Chip Carr, senior manager of public sector for NVIDIA, discusses how virtualization and other strategies can simplify IT management and create a consistent user experience regardless of a worker’s location or device.

    • Mobility & Telework, NVIDIA
  • The Digital HQ: Flexible, Inclusive and Connected

    Dave Macnee, senior relationship manager for Slack’s Future Forum, and Kevin Carter, customer success leader for public sector at Slack, share research data on remote work and discuss technology and strategies for getting remote work right.

    • Mobility & Telework, Slack
  • Managing Process and Cultural Change

    The shift to remote work requires significant change to workflows and organizational culture. Jim McClurkin, senior director for public sector at SAP Concur, suggests approaches that will help governments modernize and prepare for the future.

    • Mobility & Telework, SAP