Visione-e Scan specializes in providing the most responsible, efficient, and accurate way to get business card information in Salesforce. By leveraging this innovative technology in the public sector, information gets where it needs to be securely and accurately, while enabling productivity, remaining compliant with government regulations, and building stronger connections.

  • Use any of your mobile devices to take a picture of a business card and instantly scan it directly into Salesforce. Customize your scan with enhancements or add notes to your contact right from your phone.
  • Vision-e’s simple and elegant interface makes it intuitive and easy to use. Instantly export business cards to any lead, contact, or account.
  • With productivity in mind, Vision-e was designed for extremely fast uploading.

Vision-e Scan Advantage

Get information into Salesforce securely and accurately while strengthening the relationships between citizens, employees, services, agencies, and the information they all need.


We always aim to keep your information secure through up to date certifications from the industry’s leading compliancy organizations.

As a part of the Salesforce Partner Program, Vision-e is backed by the world’s leading cloud platform that provides the resources, training, and tools to enable Vision-e to better serve their customers and differentiate their applications on AppExchange. Vision-e is fully supported by Salesforce in the development of their apps to deliver cutting edge, innovative technology.

Salesforce AppExchange Partner

Visione.com scanning is the most accurate and efficient way to get business cards in Salesforce using a mobile device, apple or android. It’s as simple as taking a photo and in one tap it’s sent to Salesforce. Works online or offline making it great for sales calls, conferences and events. 88% of business cards don’t make it in Salesforce primarily because of the difficulty and effort it requires. Data cannot be actionable and managers can’t control results unless it’s in Salesforce. Our scanning technology makes it easy to capture 100% of Salesforce user adoption, accountability and customer management significantly increase.


SEWP Contracts


Contract Number: Group A Small: NNG15SC03B Group D Other Than Small: NNG15SC27B Term: May 1, 2015 - April 30, 2020