• Data Protections, Network Isolation are Keys to Improving Cybersecurity

    Kevin McDonough, Advisory Systems Engineer at Dell Technologies , discusses what agencies can do to stay ahead of attackers starting with using the right tools as well as the ability to detect, and even predict threats, in real time.

    • Cybersecurity , Dell Technologies
  • The Best of What's New in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    States and localities ramp up efforts to automate tasks and become more data-driven.

    • Artificial Intelligence, All
  • From Call Center to ‘Experience’ Center

    In this Q&A, Nathan Hamrick, principal solution consultant for public sector at Genesys, discusses ways that organizations can use artificial intelligence and intelligent automation to deliver a modern experience.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Genesys
  • Why Wait? Simple Strategies Put AI and ML Within Reach

    Organizations no longer need data scientists and customized applications to make an impact with artificial intelligence (AI). In this Q&A, Chris Haas, strategic business executive for Google Cloud Public Sector, discusses how state and local agencies can use AI and machine learning (ML) to improve government services and make life easier for workers.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Google Cloud
  • Reducing Complexity and Preparing for Success

    Successful artificial intelligence (AI) implementations start with laying the right foundation. Timur Nersesov, senior manager of professional services strategy at Cloudera, discusses key tactics to extract maximum value from AI and machine learning (ML) initiatives.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Cloudera
  • Building a Human-Centered Foundation for Advanced Analytics

    In this Q&A, Chuck Ellstrom, vice president of sales for state and local government and education for Alteryx, discusses how organizations can transform the way they conduct key business operations with solutions that democratize analytics, automate key processes and upskill existing resources.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Alteryx
  • Getting the Most from a Next-Generation Contact Center Platform

    The artificial intelligence (AI) technology needed for next-generation contact centers is available now. In this Q&A, John Bastin, vice president, industry strategy – public sector at Talkdesk, discusses important tools and tactics for empowering contact center staff, improving the citizen experience and getting the most out of AI and ML investments.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Talkdesk
  • Reimagining Talent Management

    Using artificial intelligence to modernize employment systems and processes is a game-changer for both agencies and job seekers. Dan Hopkins, vice president, applied AI & public sector with Eightfold AI, shares insight into how a unified talent intelligence platform helps redefine and optimize unemployment and re-employment processes.

    • Artificial Intelligence, Eightfold
  • AI In Government Is Poised to Grow

    Bill Rials, senior fellow with the Center for Digital Government, provides a glimpse into immediate and near-term use cases. Rials, a former government CIO who is now a professor and associate director of the Tulane University School of Professional Advancement IT and Cybersecurity Program, suggests how organizations can take full advantage of AI opportunities now and in the future.

    • Artificial Intelligence, All
  • FNN Expert Edition 5G

    This eBook highlights current efforts and what’s on the horizon by civilian and the military services in rolling out 5G infrastructure and devices to improve mission effectiveness.

    • 5G, All
  • Maximizing the Benefits of Multi-Cloud

    Cloud technology has become indispensable for mission success in all areas, which underscores the need for innovative, comprehensive approaches to multi-cloud management.

    • Cloud, All
  • Building Best-of-Breed Cloud Environments

    To make the most of the technology, agencies must become more strategic about developing, monitoring and evolving their multi-cloud ecosystems.

    • Cloud, All
  • Empowering the Government’s Earliest Adopters

    To fully experience multi-cloud’s benefits, agencies must support the innovators in their ranks.

    • Cloud, Google Cloud
  • Rethinking Legacy App Migration and Software Factories

    A deeper understanding of legacy apps and custom software leads to success and predictable results.

    • Cloud, Micro Focus Government Solutions