• Growing Threats and Changing Relationships

    Mark Weatherford explores emerging security threats and the changing cybersecurity relationship between states and localities and the federal government.

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  • Why Zero Trust Matters at Work (and How to Foster It)

    Cybersecurity affects us all, so we wanted to make this resource inclusive. We are taking the best of what human-centered design and intentional language can teach us about effectively communicating major security shifts that are impacting and will continue to impact how you work, where you work and your ability to serve a diverse public using technology effectively and securely.

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  • FNN Expert Edition 2022 ITES-SW2 Contract Guide

    With the Army’s Information Technology Enterprise Solutions – Software 2 contract potentially lasting for a decade, the Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems knew it had to build in some gates to refresh and relook at the multiple-award ITES-SW2.

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  • Practical Ways to Make Zero Trust a Reality and Add Value

    An interview with Michael Epley, Chief Architect and Security Strategist, Red Hat

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  • FCW Report: Accelerating Digital Transformation

    By teaming up with industry, agencies can speed their ability to adopt the latest technologies and start reaping the benefits of modern, flexible IT ecosystems.

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  • The Interlocking Nature of Modernization

    Digital transformation is essential to success in every government mission area, and it requires a comprehensive approach to fitting all the pieces together.

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  • 5G: Real-Time Operations at the Enterprise Edge

    Chris Thomas, Technology Strategist at Dell, explains why, by bringing technology resources closer to the end user, 5G supports key elements of modernization, including cloud and edge computing.

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  • Navigating the Complexities of Cloud Repatriation

    Michael Byrne, Senior Director of Federal Presales at Dell, discusses why determining the optimal placement of workloads, apps and data should be a central element of any agency’s broader multi-cloud strategy.

    • IT Modernization, Dell Technologies
  • A Modern Approach to Data Protection

    Jason Proctor, Advisory Systems Engineer for Cyber Resilience at Dell, details how agencies can build a robust, comprehensive strategy for achieving cyber resilience by incorporating data isolation and immutability.

    • IT Modernization, Dell Technologies
  • The 7 Pillars of a Zero Trust Architecture

    Daniel Carroll, Field CTO for Cybersecurity at Dell, discusses how Dell’s model helps agencies assess their current cybersecurity framework and achieve a highly secure digital transformation.

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  • A Dynamic Way to Create Hybrid Cloud Environments

    Mike Sullivan, Vice President at Dell Financial Services, explains how a flexible, on-demand offering plays an important role in helping agencies manage the cost of digital transformation.

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  • Executive Viewpoint A Conversation with Carlene Ileto

    Carlene Ileto, Deputy Chief Data Officer at the Department of Homeland Security, discusses the Federal Data Strategy and digital transformation at DHS.

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  • Flexibility, a Key to COVID-19 Response, is Imperative for Cloud-Based Future

    Clara Conti, Vice President and General Manager for Public Sector in North America for Red Hat, explores how new technologies like containerization, microservices and the service mesh can help Federal agencies attain greater flexibility.

    • Cloud, Red Hat
  • How Agencies Can Make Data an Active Asset to Drive Better Outcomes

    Jason Schick, General Manager for U.S. Public Sector at Confluent, discusses how agencies need to accelerate the value of their data to drive real-time decisions.

    • Big Data, Confluent
  • Expert Edition: Get Ready for Multi-Cloud

    This ebook examines how potential outcomes drive cloud strategies in a post-pandemic world. Featuring insights from government agencies, including: USDA, Commerce, and State; GAO and DHS; DIU and DISA; NGA; and the U.S. Army.

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