Webinar Recording

COVID-19 and Digital Transformation

Key points covered during this webinar included:

  • Constituent-based analytic priorities during COVID-19
  • Recent examples of quick-wins in emerging situations
  • Quick-hit actions that will clear a path to success during and after COVID-19
  • A proven digital analytics roadmap that can serve as your guide towards incremental gains
  • Critical success factors for digital transformation in government
  • Resources available to speed and support digital intelligence

Webinar Recording

Google Cloud and COVID 19 Research

During this webinar, attendees learned how to:

  • Apply for free Google Cloud research credits
  • Access new public datasets and data visualization resources
  • Apply your credits through learning about unique COVID-19 research projects that have already been funded


Public Sector COVID Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating extraordinary challenges for Public Sector agencies on the front lines of responding to this crisis. Organizations are immediately and simultaneously confronting two crucial demands: enabling remote work to protect internal staff and launching new services to support citizens and slow the spread of the virus.


Call Center Optimization

Demand for government services has reached all-time highs during Covid-19. Many governments are seeing their ability to communicate with constituents overrun by calls and traffic beyond their ability to respond. Learn more about how Google Cloud artificial intelligence can help support and improve your call center.

Webinar Recording

COVID-19 and Digital Transformation for Social Service

This webinar included:

  • Tips and solutions for better social services technology, business process analysis, and information systems
  • How Google Cloud can help manage the influx of social service needs in the nation
  • How technology and Google Cloud can improve citizen outcomes based on current trends


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