DigitSec for Application Development

DigitSec for Application Development

Shift Security Left in Salesforce Application Development with DigitSec

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DigitSec brings automated security scanning throughout your development pipeline, delivering true Salesforce DevSecOps. Test before, during, and after development to find vulnerabilities quickly & accurately in your code. Each vulnerability found includes remediation guidelines, allowing teams to fix security issues as they develop.

Automated scans take minutes and surface vulnerabilities

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Results are classified by vulnerability type & severity

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Each vulnerability in the report contains details related to the type of vulnerability, its severity level, which scan found it, how it was found and more. This kind of information and categorization allows teams to work more efficiently on the most critical vulnerabilities first.

Every vulnerability includes remediation guidelines

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Each vulnerability found includes a background on what it is, the issue it creates, tracing & history of how it was found, and remediation guidelines on how to fix it. This allows teams not only to quickly address security issues, but also learn what caused them in the first place. Digitsec can also surface any security implications related to a multitude of compliance frameworks.

Security is a shared responsibility

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Protecting the data in Salesforce is a join responsibility between the user and Salesforce. While Salesforce is responsible for the out-of-the-box features, the user is responsible for any customizations to the platform or sensitive data within it. In short, you are responsible for the risks you create

DigitSec’s 4 powerful security scanners

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Digitsec provides Static Source Code Analysis (SAST) to scan code & managed packages, Interactive Runtime Testing (IAST) to simulate attacks & reduce false positives, Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to check for known exploits & CVEs, and Cloud Security Configuration Review (Config) to check for the most commonly misconfigured Salesforce settings.

DigitSec integrates with Copado

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Digitsec integrates directly with Copado, a popular and robust DevOps platform. Together, DigitSec and Copado bring true DevSecOps to Salesforce development.


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Digitsec integrates with many popular development tools, single-sign on providers and works with multiple Salesforce clouds.

DigitSec Helps Keep Users Compliant

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The platform can be set up to find vulnerabilities that can cause a company to be non-compliant in multiple compliance frameworks, including GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, APPI, and NIST. For NIST, Digitsec can help satisfy four testing requirements under NISTIR 8397, “Guidelines for Minimum Standards for Developer Verification of Software.”