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Waiting Room Monitor 

The GO Queue-it Platform Waiting Room Monitor is your go-to reporting overview for an active waiting room. Here you can quickly see the most important traffic and waiting room metrics in real time.

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Waiting Room Monitor (Diagnostics View) 

From the Diagnostics view, you get additional data on user behavior to help you more quickly identify and troubleshoot any issues with a running waiting room.

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Traffic Insights Highlights

Traffic Insights is an analytics tool directly accessible via the GO Queue-it Platform menu. It gives you a visual, actionable overview of your waiting room traffic and visitor details with accurate server-side analytics. It helps you understand your traffic to ensure you serve genuine visitors and block bad bots.

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Custom Waiting Room Themes 

Custom themes use CSS-files, HTML iframes, and/or JavaScript to customize and design the look and feel of the waiting room pages your visitors see when in your waiting rooms. Customizing the waiting room lets you control your visitors’ visual experience and incorporate your organization’s identity to create a seamless user experience.

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Waiting Room Monitor – Safety Net Mode

The GO Queue-it Platform Waiting Room Monitor can also provide useful data before or after an announcement or registration.