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  DCO News
Virtual conference highlights technology, transforms how information is shared
"With a theme of "Mobile CIO," this event attracted 470 registrants and provided a platform for military, civilian, academic and industry leaders to share insights on how their organizations are shifting processes to mobile devices."

Press Release Point
Department of Defense (DOD): Utilizing Virtual and Online FOIA Training
"Recognizing that quality training is essential to success in any FOIA program, DOD increased its efforts to train its FOIA professionals via the virtual environment within Defense Connect Online (DCO).

Military Information Technology
Military Information Technology: Industry Interview
An interview with Mark Mills, Vice President and DCO Program Manager, Carahsoft.

MacDill Air force Base
MacDill uses technology to inform: Force Management Programs
"The MPS wanted to ensure all vital information reached every single member of Team MacDill to help service members and their families make informed decisions about their career..."

Defense Connect Online Hits Milestone
"The Defense Information Systems Agency's digital collaboration tool Defense Connect Online on Feb. 20 clocked 1 million registered users, a milestone for the program."

Yahoo Finance
Groundbreaking Technologies, Strategies and Processes Recognized in Finalists
"ACT-IAC Award Program Serves as an Indicator of Emerging Best Practices in Government."

Former Chief of Naval Operations to Speak at Navy Warfare Development Command Feb. 20
"The 27th chief of naval operations (CNO) will present at the Navy Warfare Development Command's (NWDC) "NEXT in the Series" Feb. 20, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. EST at NWDC's headquarters on Naval Station Norfolk and over Defense Connect Online (DCO)."

Air Mobility Command
HQ AMC staff exceed DCO record
"Headquarters Air Mobility Command staff broke the AMC record for number of participants on Defense Connect Online during a recent commander's all-call."

Defense Connect Online - Advancing Sustainability Through Enhanced Collaboration and Communication Tools
"The number of registered users of this tool has increased by 700 percent to over 700,000 users in just four years."

Before It's News
AMC hosts chief learning officer round table
"Fifteen chief learning officers from companies across the nation came together here recently to exchange ideas about learning organizations and transformation plans."

Birth through Wi-Fi, expectant father sees all
"With the accessibility of the internet and Wi-Fi at most deployed locations, service members find deployments a little easier to handle since they get to be a part of many cherished firsts or special family occasions they would have otherwise missed."

Defense Connect Online (DCO) Supports SPAWAR Fleet Systems
"Space and and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific is supporting fleet systems more efficiently with the use of Defense Connect Online."

Defense News
Communicating in an Era of Canceled Conferences
"In-person conferences still hold significant value to military attendees, as it is difficult to replicate hands-on exposure to new technologies, or one-on-one time that can be used to forge and deepen relationships."

Feds are Finding Value in Virtual Events
"Technology is making cost effective, on demand training more readily available to federal workers and most feds are using these types of virtual events, at least to some extent, according to a new study."

Legislation Would Cut Feds' Travel Expenses with Videoconferencing
"Videoconferencing through Defense Connect Online experienced a jump from 600,000 to more than 840,000 registered users in the past year."

How the Defense Department Communicates
"Thanks to sequestration and the excellent timing of the GSA conference scandal, travel restrictions have made in-person collaboration difficult in 2013."

U.S. Air Force
Vice Chief of Staff thanks Airmen for Successful 'Airmen Powered by Innovation' call for ideas
"Also, for the first time in AMC's history, the AMC commander held a commander's conference using Defense Connect On-Line and milBook. Both tools allowed approximately 250 people to participate in a fully interactive conference without the associated TDY costs."

DoD Connects Online to Cut Travel
"The Defense Information Systems Agency's enterprise collaboration tool, Defense Connect Online, is experiencing enormous growth as agencies try to cut travel costs."

DISA to Expand Military Communications Portal
"Mark Rockwell writes Defense Connect Online, a communication tool developed by Adobe and used by the DoD for online instant messaging, chat and audio-video conferencing, has 800,000 users signed up and provides 35 million minutes a month of web-conferencing."

Could virtual meetings replace conferences in sequestration age?
"Defense Connect Online has been available to DOD employees and contractors for five years, yet it's never experienced a jump like this."

Federal Times
Budget cuts push conferences online
"Conference attendees didn't have to lose working hours due to travel, and people were more willing to ask questions during online sessions than they had been at in-person conferences. It's also easier to find someone at a virtual meeting and connect with them in meeting rooms."

Defense Systems
Navy cancels East Coast IT event, but will attend joint warfighting conference
"The DON CIO office says that some of the East Coast 2013 sessions will be offered virtually through Defense Connect Online (DCO)."

DCO Doubles Capacity
"The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) announced today that the enterprise collaboration tool for the Department of Defense (DoD) is about to double in capacity."

San Fransisco Chronicle
Defense Connect Online (DCO) Now Available to U.S. Department of Defense on iOS Mobile Devices via iTunes App Store
"The Defense Connect Online (DCO) Team today announced that the newest release of the DCO Connect Mobile app is now available for iOS mobile devices and free download on Apple's App Store."

Videoconferencing: From novelty to necessity
"In the past, DOD's enterprise collaboration tool, Defense Connect Online, has been used to supplement physical conferences, said Mike Murtha, a solutions engineer and DCO program manager at Adobe."

America's Navy
Naval Hospital Bremerton Health Promotion Webinar Program Preps Beneficiaries for a Healthy Holiday
"We do have some experience with doing this, but this is the first time we have applied using DCO for patient communications. This is an opportunity to try something new and beneficial for our patients who have challenges at times getting to the hospital."

Celebrating Hispanic heritage in Baltimore
"Aviles spoke to about 70 agency employees, many participating through video teleconference or watching on Defense Connect Online."

Maxwell Air Force Base
Maxwell finds ways to meet C-3 challenges
"Today, we are using technology like Defense Connect Online versus going on temporary duty."

Defense Connect Online: Advancing sustainability through enhanced collaboration and communication tools
"The number of registered users of this tool has increased by 700 percent to over 700,000 users in just four years."
Scorby signs suicide prevention awareness proclamation
"In September 2011, the region implemented an aggressive suicide prevention coordinator training program that utilizes Defense Connect Online."

U.S. Navy Seals
New SAPR-L Training Completion Options Available for Command Triads
"Registering for and attending one of the MMTT-led Defense Connect Online (DCO) SAPR-L training sessions available on September 14th."

Defense Systems
Defense Connect Online to be upgraded next week with new features
"Defense Connect Online (DCO) will upgrade to version 8.2 starting Aug. 10, according to an announcement from the Defense Systems Information Agency."

Defense Connect Online (DCO) Supports SPAWAR Fleet Systems
"DCO enables Code 422 to provide the technical support needed to deployed and shore-based commands that utilize NTCSS. NTCSS consists of five Navy and Marine Corps applications that automate processes established by the maintenance, supply, aviation and personnel communites."

America's Navy
Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Mobile Training Teams Readying for Deployment
"Nearly 650 SAPR-L training sessions are scheduled in the next month, providing training for regular and reserve commands. The few commands that are deployed and unable to host a MMTT can receive the training via Defense Connect Online."

Defense Security Service
CDSE Webinars on Defense Connect Online
"CDSE webinars are hosted on Defense Connect Online (DCO), which provides DoD with worldwide web conferencing, virtual meetings, and chat services."

Federal News Radio
Mark Mills - Defense Connect Online program manager at Carahsoft
"Hundreds of thousands of DoD servicemembers and civilians already use an online collaboration tool called Defense Connect Online to attend meetings without actually going to meetings. As of yesterday, DoD users can do the same thing on their mobile devices."

PR Web
Defense Connect Online (DCO) Now Available to U.S. Department of Defense on Mobile Devices
"We are excited that this mobile app delivers on capability enhancement requests from our users, many of whom are involved in mission-critical operations that require DCO's collaboration tools for improved mobile or dismounted command and control capability," stated Karl Kurz, DISA's DCO Program Manager.

Ft Leavenworth Lamp
CAC-T, PEO STRI team for military gaming conference
"For those who cannot attend the conference in person, much of it will be available via Defense Connect Online."

Defense Connect Online Nominated for 2012 Excellence Gov Award
"Defense Connect Online (DCO), the Adobe Connect and XMPP chat deployment at the US Department of Defense run by the Defense System Information Agency (DISA) has been nominated for 2012 Excellence.Gov awards by the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council."

Federal Computer Week
NDU cyber threat workshop receives top honors from DOD
"Using Defense Connect Online, video teleconferencing and multimedia, the workshop was able to create a virtual lab."

Air Force Space Command
Air Force to Use DCO XMPP Chat Client When Instant Messenger Goes Away
"The AF is migrating to DoD enterprise capabilities for better information sharing and greater efficiency. An established DoD instant messaging capability is the Defense Connect Online (DCO) chat function called "Jabber."

Defense Video Imagery Distribution System
National Guard diversity conference to go virtual for minimum cost, maximum impact
"NGB will broadcast the entire conference on the Warrior Network and Defense Connect Online. This will allow soldiers, airmen and civilians - who would otherwise not have the time or resources to travel to a set location - to participate in a very important topic in today's military."
TRADOC holds junior leader forum as part of Unified Quest program
"This Defense Connect Online site provides participants the ability to ask questions of senior Army leaders and the junior leaders who have participated all week in this important Army event."

Government Computer News
How knowledge management helps keep the US attack free
"Those tools will be bolstered by DISA's Defense Connect Online, a 380,000-user network that lets personnel exchange unclassified and secret information with authorized mission partners."

U.S. Army Ordnance Corps
Honoring the past while planning for tomorrow
"Those who were unable to attend the briefings were able to watch them live from their computers though Defense Connect Online. This is the first time the technology has been used for Ordnance Week."

U.S. Air Force
Civilian career tips are focus of upcoming webcasts
"Civilian Airmen will learn how to plan for their next job, how education affects their careers and more during webcasts in May and June tailored for specific grade-groups. Webcasts held through DCO."

Desert Wings
AFPC officials stream developmental team outbriefs online
"AFPC officials stream developmental team outbriefs online through DCO. Active-duty officers are now able to watch and participate in their career field's developmental team outbriefs online through the Defense Connect Online website."

Adobe Connect Selected in Expanded U.S. DoD Contract
"The multi-year contract is valued at over $93 million and was awarded to Carahsoft Technology Corp., a government IT solutions provider that works in partnership with Adobe Systems Federal, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Adobe. It includes a one-year base period and subsequent one-year options that extend into 2015."

Air Force Materiel Command
Warfighters incorporate weather into planning with new capability
"We are able to meet warfighters' needs by actively engaging with the user through the use of technical demonstrations broadcasted over Defense Connect Online"

Federal News Radio
Pentagon's WARCAP Upgrades To New Multipoint VTC Capability in 2011
"WARCAP uses Defense Connect Online (DCO), a software-based VTC system, for informal meetings and document sharing"

Federal News Radio
DISA incorporates desktop-telepresence across DoD
"The technology is being applied by senior-level leaders, agency employees, and service members alike, according to Colonel Brian Hermann, chief of the Net-Centric Enterprise Services branch. Managed in conjunction by Carahsoft Technology Corp. and Adobe Systems Incorp."

Defense information-sharing program is fully operational
"DISA awarded IBM the initial $17 million NCES contract in 2006. In 2007, it gave Carahsoft Technology Corp. a second contract worth $22 million, to provide the Jabber Extensible Communications Platform to support instant messaging and multiuser text conferencing, and Adobe Connect to support Web conferencing and voice and video teleconferences."

Government Computer News
5 ways to use social media for better emergency response
"The Southern Command used the Defense Connect Online site and All Partners Access Network to communicate with a range of organizations involved in relief and rescue efforts after the massive Haiti earthquake earlier this year. Defense Connect Online is a 380,000-user network that lets DOD personnel exchange unclassified and secret information with authorized mission partners. DCO consists of Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro for Web conferencing and Cisco Systems' Jabber chat technology."