ccScan for CRM and Integration

ccScan for CRM and Integration

Integrating with the top cloud storage and CRM systems, ccScan is used by innovative government departments to save time and automate processes for increased productivity. ccScan, an easy-to-use document capture, scanning and management software is the optimal choice to bridge the gap between paper and the cloud. Join other leading governments and businesses worldwide who use our products in massively reducing their document capture, entry and access times.

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Massive Document Processing Efficiencies

The ccScan software products create massive document processing efficiencies for all types of government users to help capture and collect digital information such as scanned images of paper documents or existing digitized document images.

The software allows for indexing or document identification, and processing such as OCR (optical character recognition or Annotation/Redaction and document storage along with Barcoding for easy future access.

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Import Pre-Existing Digital Documents Directly To Any Platform Of Your Choice

Digital documents benefit from the same array of features as scanned paper docs.

Enjoy Smart processing and intuitive capabilities. ccScan product features are based on sophisticated technologies such as barcode detection, OCR, and Text Pattern search and extraction with Regular Expressions and conditional Rules.

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Zonal OCR - Regular Expression - Barcoding

Zonal OCR is a type of Optical Character recognition that allows a user to scan and read specific zones of the document. It uses a set of coordinates to focus on a particular field within the image document.

A regular expression, regex or regexp is, in theoretical computer science and formal language theory, a sequence of characters that define a search pattern.

A barcode is an optical, machine-readable, representation of data; the data usually describes something about the object that carries the barcode

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raditional, Cumbersome Way Of Uploading A Single Scanned Document Page To Salesforce (9 steps)

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Only 3 Steps with ccScan

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Salesforce Applications - example 1

Easily customize job or workflow names so it make sense for users.

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Salesforce Applications - example 2

Change or insert file name in real time

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Salesforce Applications - example 3

Real time lookup in Salesforce Name Files to send document where you want them.

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Salesforce Applications - example 3

We communicate with every scanner made. Regardless of Brand or model … we talk to it through the TWAIN driver.

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Government Users Love Our Document Scanning Solutions

In business since 2010 with 5 star reviews from many satisfied customers, we offer customization, set up and staff training with US-based support experts.

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