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Jotform Enterprise is a cloud-based online form builder that helps government agencies streamline their operations and improve their services to the public. It offers a variety of features, including simplified data collection, improved form processes, easy payments, and security and integrations.

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Empower Your Agency with Code-Free Form Building

With Jotform Enterprise's intuitive drag-and-drop form builder, government agencies can effortlessly create forms for critical tasks such as issuing building permits, granting business licenses, processing employment applications, and facilitating event space reservations. The possibilities are endless. Build custom forms, effortlessly gather crucial data, and seamlessly integrate with Salesforce to create or update records for any object, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workflow. Jotform Enterprise empowers government agencies to optimize their processes and enhance citizen services while maintaining the highest standards of data security and compliance.

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Effortlessly Capture and Organize E-Signatures

Sign. Effortlessly transition to digital paperwork, enabling citizens to sign documents seamlessly from any device. Experience the benefits of enhanced efficiency and cost savings as your government agency automates workflows, reducing errors and accelerating service delivery. Empower your agency with modern solutions that streamline processes and foster citizen trust in your commitment to efficiency and accessibility.

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Harness the Full Potential of Your PDF Documents

Elevate your government agency's document handling with Jotform Smart PDF Forms. Transform complex PDF contracts, legal agreements, and business forms into user-friendly online forms for effortless data input from any device. Enhance productivity and compliance by effortlessly storing completed submissions as pristine PDF records, simplifying printing, sharing, and record management. Empower your agency with modern tools that bridge the digital divide, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for users while maintaining the integrity of your vital documents.

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Seamlessly Populate Forms with Salesforce Insights

Elevate citizen services with Jotform's seamless Salesforce integration. Prefill your forms with up-to-date Salesforce data to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure precision in record-keeping. Foster a user-centric experience that eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry, enabling citizens to concentrate on providing vital information. Streamline your government agency's processes, boost efficiency, and build trust by delivering a frictionless interaction that empowers both your team and the community.

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Unlock 150+ Integrations & Secure Payment Options

When a form is completed, submission data seamlessly populates your connected online accounts, following your customized integration settings. Streamline your operations, enhance collaboration, and ensure data accuracy with Jotform Enterprise, ensuring your government agency is at the forefront of streamlined digital governance.

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Elevate Security and Compliance in Government Forms

Jotform Enterprise. Empower your team to effortlessly craft tailored forms while ensuring secure and confidential data capture. Your data is stored in a local residency center, and you retain full control over access. Trust in Jotform's SOC 2 compliance for safeguarding sensitive data. For health information or enhanced security, Jotform Enterprise offers HIPAA compliance features. Plus, our PCI-DSS certification guarantees bank-level security when handling online payments. Rest easy knowing Jotform Enterprise is your trusted partner for collecting and protecting government data with the utmost care.

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Simplify User and Form Management with Admin Tools

Effortlessly transition from data collection to actionable insights with Jotform's user-friendly admin tools. Seamlessly generate and publish dynamic reports from your form submission data, enabling informed decision-making. Manage user access with ease, adding or removing users with just a few clicks. With Jotform, your government agency gains the power to transform data into meaningful results, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency while maintaining complete control over user access.

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Government-Ready Form Templates for Efficiency

Jotform Enterprise: The Trusted Choice for Government Agencies Worldwide. Whether local, regional, or national, government bodies rely on our user-friendly, adaptable platform. Craft stunning, tailored forms that align with your unique requirements. Explore our vast library of 10,000+ ready-made form templates, simplifying the creation of diverse forms. With Jotform Enterprise, unlock a world of possibilities for your government agency, where simplicity meets customization to elevate citizen services and streamline operations.