AdvoLogix for Data Security & Management<br>Improve Operations

AdvoLogix for Data Security & Management
Improve Operations

AdvoLogix helps agencies with legal engagements improve service delivery by creating efficiencies across all areas of an agency. Adopt new business models. Enable innovation, accessibility and productivity. Streamline matter intake, manage workload and standardize processes.

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AdvoLogix - Home Page

After log in, you are immediately brought to the Home page. On this page is everything in context with YOU. This provides you with quick and easy access to the information you will likely use most often. Customization of the Home tab include components such as sidebar links, a company logo, or a dashboard snapshot. A dashboard snapshot is a clipping of the top row of a dashboard’s components.

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AdvoLogix - Matter Record

Matters are the central data element in AdvoLogix. The Matter record maintains a detailed description of a specific legal engagement and is used to track all information relative to the engagement. Demographic or general information is collected on the primary entry form and includes such information as the matter name, matter number, description, current status, client (or business owner), key dates and other pertinent information.

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AdvoLogix - Multi-Timer

The Multi Timer provides timekeepers with the ability to manage multiple time tracking objectives, in context with their AdvoLogix workflow. The multi timer can be deployed in a variety of ways within both the desktop and mobile user experiences. timekeepers to concurrently track multiple work processes. Each timer is persistently stored in the organization's cloud data and follows the user from location to location and device to device without losing time tracking continuity.

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AdvoLogix - Matter Gantt Chart

The AdvoLogix Gantt provides a refreshed activity management working environment for users who prefer to use a project management style user experience for visualizing and updating their assigned activities. The drag and drop nature of the interface improves user productivity by allowing quick changes to the activity date assignments.

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AdvoLogix - Matter Hierarchy

The Matter Hierarchy quickly displays a matter's parent and child relationships to other matters in your organization. Matter relationships are a result of the assignment of a parent matter on the matter's page layout or by creating Cross Reference Matters.

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AdvoLogix - Matter Kanban

The drag and drop nature of the interface improves user productivity by allowing quick changes to task status and user assignments using the techniques described in this article.

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AdvoLogix - Matter Participation Map

The Participation Map graphically explores the relationship a Matter's Participants might share to other Matters. For example, a particular Expert on the underlying case may appear on other Matters, with or without the same role.

The Participation Map launch button is available at the top of the Matter page.

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AdvoLogix - Matter Dashboard

At a Glance is an optional Matter dashboard with up to four charts per record type. The dashboard can be added to any Matter page layout. Analytics are delivered in real-time or in optional snapshot mode. Charts in the dashboard are fully interactive with the ability to easily drill into the report data for further analysis or editing.

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AdvoLogix - Report Builder

Report builder is a visual editor for reports. The report builder interface consists of three panes: Fields, Filters, and Preview. To optimize screen real estate, report builder uses a compressed page header. To view your application tabs, simply close the builder or click the Salesforce logo.

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AdvoLogix - Mobile Matter View

The Salesforce mobile application allows users to navigate and interact with their AdvoLogix data using a smartphone or a tablet device. This application is useful for mobile users who frequently work outside of the office. The app can be accessed from most tablets and smartphone devices, as long as they are connected to the internet through a WiFi connection or a cellular network.