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Conga CLM

Conga CLM is an end-to-end contract lifecycle management solution that eliminates manual, disjointed contract processes and delivers high quality experiences for both internal and external customers by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to contract ingestion and guardrails to business processes. Conga CLM allows you to drive contract excellence at scale.

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Conga CLM

  • End-to-end contract management – as a singular source contract management tool, create, redline, and execute new contracts while measuring and managing contractual obligations with Conga CLM
  • Manage complexity and mitigate risk – using pre-approved language and clauses that integrate directly into the tool and enabling amendment controls, you can assure consistency and mitigate risk across all contracts
  • Scalable and fast contract execution -- Point-and-click assembly, flexible approvals, and self-service clauses accelerate contract cycles, while giving insights into expirations, processing times, and workloads

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Conga Composer

With Conga Composer, you can easily create, share, and edit perfect digital documents every time, directly populated with your data. Use pre-built templates to automatically create engaging, organization-specific documents with a single click. Send accurate, consistent communications that enhance productivity and mitigate risk. Integrate common use cases like quotes, proposals, invoices, account openings, applications, terms and conditions, purchase agreements, and more directly into your portal or platform for a one-stop, branded document generation experience for customers.

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Conga Composer

  • Accurate and consistent documents: Create automated, error-free, and on-brand documents that will drastically speed up organizational workflows with pre-built custom templates
  • Automated document generation: Increase operational efficiency, ensure flawless data merging, and reduce resource requirements while also eliminating manual tasks using Conga Composer
  • Centralized repository: Capture and retain centralized organizational knowledge where your most up-to-date documents can be quickly and easily accessed

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Conga Sign

Conga Sign lets you define workflows and gives you control over every step in the process to optimize the customer experience and ensure high completion rates. Build the optimal eSignature process and signer experience based on your business needs.

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Conga Sign

  • Streamline eSignatures for internal and external workflows: Standardize a single eSignature solution for every department across your organization, no matter what CRM or ERP each group uses.
  • Enterprise-grade features and functionality: Conga Sign is an easy-to-use yet feature-rich eSignature solution that offers identity verification and authentication, transaction management and reporting, and white-labeled signing experiences.
  • Legal, secure, and globally compliant eSignatures: Conga Sign is an ESIGN, UETA and eIDAS-compliant eSignature solution.