Validity for Data Security & Management

Validity for Data Security & Management

Validity is the most trusted name in customer data quality. Tens of thousands of organizations rely on Validity solutions – including Everest, DemandTools, GridBuddy Connect, and BriteVerify – to improve customer engagement and manage their customer data. With Validity, these organizations make better decisions that drive more leads, close more deals and confidently plan for continued growth.

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Ensure your data remains your most valuable asset.

Manage your data in minutes, not months and have report ready data that enables everyone to do their job more effectively, efficiently, and profitably.

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Assess your data quality

Understand how your data is helping or hindering business growth and customer success.

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Duplicate Management

Automatically merge existing duplicates and prevent new ones based on your definition of a duplicate record.

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Mass Modification and StandardizaMass Modification and Standardizationtion

Modify records in bulk to keep data aligned with business needs and processes.

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Data Migration Management

Insert, update, upsert, delete and undelete records to keep data imported into Salesforce clean and consistent.