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Sprout Social for Marketing Outreach & Messaging
Customer Experience

Reimagine the role of social in your organization. Our powerful, all-in-one social media management platform unlocks the full potential of social to transform not just your marketing strategy—but every area of your organization.

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Who is Sprout Social?

At Sprout Social, we aim to simplify the hard work of social so you can focus on building insights-driven strategies that elevate your brand. With Sprout you can plan, organize and deliver social content with cross-network scheduling, quickly respond to the highest priority incoming messages, tap into your share of voice and industry insights, and evaluate outcomes through comprehensive social data and customizable reporting tools – all from one central and easy to use platform.

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Publishing your content

Sprout’s intuitive publishing and scheduling tools make quick work of delivering social content, so your team can focus on strengthening strategy and effectively connecting with your communities. With shared content calendars, a global asset library, and automated approval workflows, Sprout gives you the tools to mitigate risk and replace time-consuming tasks with automated ease.

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Engaging with your audience

Overflowing inboxes and time-consuming tasks affect your team’s ability to deliver relationship-building experiences on social and detect crisis when it arises. Sprout’s Smart Inbox allows your team to unify all connected profiles into a single stream to monitor incoming messages and provide quick responses while being alerted of the highest priority messages.

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Social Listening

Harness the power of global social conversations with Sprout’s powerful Enterprise-ready Social Listening solution, built on smart workflows and proprietary AI-driven technology. Your teams will be able to zero-in on the pivotal conversations or current crisis or zoom out to identify industry trends or opportunities.

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Reporting on your success

Sprout’s Analytics tools speed up data collection and distribution so brands can focus on the KPIs that matter, inform strategy and prove ROI. With over 30 out-of-the-box reports and fully customizable dashboards, your teams can access hundreds of metrics and easily track your most valued social data across your owned, paid, and competitive landscape.