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AvePoint for Data Security & Management

Founded in 2001, AvePoint secures your collaboration data, sustains the connections between your people, and ensures your business continuity. Over 17,000 customers worldwide rely on the AvePoint Confidence Platform, the most advanced platform for SaaS and data management, to optimize their SaaS operations and secure collaboration in the digital workplace.

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Simple One-Click Backup for All Salesforce Organizations.

Once a day, automatic data backup with the ability to schedule more. Data protection and retention requirements are always met. No need to configure—to prevent loss at any level, anytime, backup automatically begins as soon as you login to AvePoint Online Services with your Salesforce account. Schedule additional backups up to five times or with more precise granularity on demand.

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FedRAMP Authorized, GDPR Compliant and much more.

We meet the most rigorous security standards. AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce is FedRAMP (moderate) authorized on Salesforce AppExchange. AvePoint Cloud Backup for Salesforce also makes it a breeze to defensibly destroy sensitive data to comply with GDPR and other data subject requests like the right to be forgotten.

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Your Data, Your Control

Keep your data in AvePoint managed storage for simplicity or export your data to your own storage with ease. Even if Salesforce goes down you'll be able to access your data and export it through the recovery platform.

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Sandbox Seeding with Ease

Populating sandbox environments can be a pain. Easily copy over your data from production to a sandbox org with full control over how much data you bring over, data anonymization and more all without the hassle of accidentally triggering workflows, validation rules and other common issues encountered during sandbox seeding.

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Help Your Salesforce Administrators and Developers Live in Harmony

Change management can be a major pain. With Metadata comparison easily identify issues in metadata changes down to the line level to easily collaborate with your developers on a solution. Salesforce Administrators can rollback to previous metadata within minutes until the new fix is deployed.