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Why an Outcome-Driven Approach Is Critical to Cloud Agility

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Outcome-Driven Agility

Agility does not mean a lack of forethought.  It is the combination speed and smarts.

Before embarking in any transformational journey it is important to ask yourself a few questions.  While these questions may seem tough at first, they are often the simplest and most important things to consider.

  • What business purpose or mission that the organization is trying to achieve?
  • How will cloud computing help achieve that mission?
  • Who are the people in the organization who are going to help and who are the people who need to be brought into the process?
  • Have you surrounded yourself with the right stakeholders, executives, and key business partners to bring other stakeholders along and assist with the change management?

And then ask your organization:  Can you be agile in your execution plan?

Often the path to the desired outcome has many forks.  A plan can include a test-and-fail cycle or cycles.  One of the major benefits of cloud is that an organization is not making a massive investment in infrastructure and resources to test it out; this means that you have the flexibility and luxury to fail. Failure can actually lead to smarter business decisions. The lessons learned allow agencies to refine their plan or maybe even better answer those questions posed at the beginning of this discussion.

Cloud is here to stay in federal IT. Organizations that have successfully integrated cloud into their business models have an outcome-driven approach, the right buy-in from stakeholders and agency executives, and aren’t afraid to fail and try again. Learn more about the steps to agile cloud adoption, check out SAP NS2’s cloud brochure and more in this month’s Innovation in Government report.

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