Storage Can Be More With Adaptive Flash

IT storage really needs a new name. In today’s data-centric world, storage solutions are much more than a USB, server room, or hybrid cloud. Where and how should the enterprise store data and other information securely when you’re unsure of if and when you’ll need to access it again? Even more, storage isn’t just about lower cost. According to a recent study, service and support of the IT infrastructure used to store data was just as important as the cost of acquisition.

In today’s modern IT landscape, simply storing an organization’s data is no longer enough; simplified, cost-effective data access that keeps up with IT development and change is the next step.

Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash

The Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform brings customers all the benefits of storage consolidation without compromising service loads of applications and workloads. To see the full Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash infographic, click the image above.

Today’s leading storage vendors, like Nimble Storage and its Adaptive Flash solution, go beyond holding data and make it easier to manage and build upon. The company’s storage solutions also encompass security, search, analytics, and even collaboration features that make stored data accessible, saving organizations time and money. Its tools are built with the needs of a modern data center in mind and, of course, affordable and adjustable – sort of like ‘Lego Building Blocks’ of storage.

For example, virtualization puts heavy demands on storage in terms of performance, capacity, and data protection. Today’s storage solutions are built with these in mind. In the past, organizations have overprovisioned for its VDI storage which dramatically increased costs. Traditional physical desktop implementations for 1,000 users would allocate 1,000 hard drives in each desktop – but this onslaught of hardware is expensive to rack and power. Nimble Storage addresses the challenges that face a modern storage solution in its whitepaper.

To learn more about Nimble Storage, check out the resources on its solution page.

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