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Weathering the Perfect Storm of Digital Content

Alfresco Digital Content Gov 2016

With mandates in place that all agency records be managed electronically by 2019, federal agencies are challenged to find ways to integrate complex records management, compliance needs, and usability into their content management and open data strategy.

This means that agencies must look for methods to not only digitally capture and organize all their data, but also create ways to actually collaborate and use it. In order to do so, organizations need to take into consideration emails and electronic records requirements as well as military-grade security requirements. One way to meet these demands is to combine content management and business process management to ensure this digital data is managed and used securely.

Luckily, the growing acceptance of open source in government as well, as the maturing of cloud solutions for the federal sector, provides some safe harbor in this digital storm. Both of these tech megatrends hold promise for content management solutions that meet strict security and compliance guidelines, but remain accessible and functional to non-technical users. In fact, Gartner named the digital workplace, cloud, and digital platforms among the list of intertwined trends shaping the future of government IT.

Figuring out how to apply just one trend – be it cloud, enterprise content management, or open source tech – can feel overwhelming, so it is understandable that IT execs are not sure where to start when trying to combine them. The good news is our partner Alfresco is here to help.

Content.gov, Alfresco’s 2016 government content management conference is slated for January 26 in Washington, DC. This day-long event will share best practices from across government showing how agency teams are making content accessible and secure and using it to empowering the missions of their organizations.

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