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Top 10 Ways to Use Google Apps in Human Resources

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Technology has proven to be a huge help to HR Departments. From searching out qualified candidates on social media sites to vetting those candidates online, to communicating with current and perspective employees, technology has helped HR teams streamline their work. But, those teams must not forget to make sure the “Human” stays in Human Resources. This is where Google for Work can help. From providing visual collaboration through Hangouts to shared documents for real time tracking and feedback, Google for Work is designed around the human experience.

Here are the top 10 ways to use Google Apps for Work in Human Resources:

  1. Use Docs to get consensus on job descriptions.
  2. Increase your presence and effectiveness at career fairs using Hangouts and Chromebooks.
  3. Improve collaboration among interviewers with Docs.
  4. Track interviewing pipeline statuses and updates with Sheets.
  5. Improve your offer acceptance rate with group video calls in Hangouts.
  6. Conduct more insightful remote interviews by combining Google Hangouts and Google Docs.
  7. Simplify the on boarding process by hosting training resources in Sites.
  8. Collect feedback from peers quickly with Forms – no survey software required!
  9. Keep curriculum current and consistent by storing them in Drive. Try an interactive Drive demo!
  10. Teach courses anywhere in the world with virtual classrooms in Hangouts.

We’d love to hear how your HR teams are using Google, or other technologies, for more creative and effective collaboration.

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