The Threat of State-Sponsored Hacks

state-sponsored cyber attacksMany of the recent high profile hacks have been connected to foreign entities. While the intelligence and evidence linking them directly to governments is weak, the fact that there is discussion about state-sponsored cyber attacks shows that it is a real threat. It is becoming more clear each day that the next battlefield is shaping up to be online.

In just the last couple of weeks we’ve highlighted a number of international threats in the Threat Brief including:

  • Iran Targeting Energy and Defense firms with the aim of impacting infrastructure.
  • North Korea is of course all over the news with ties to the Sony hack as well as some ties to smartphone hacking in South Korea.
  • China is building systems “impenetrable” to hackers and has also been tied to some of the recent non-classified system hacks of U.S. Agencies.
  • German consumers are part of one of the more aggressive phishing schemes we’ve seen and there are signs it could spread to other countries.
  • Russia was cited (though never proven) as possibly being behind the cyber attack that caused a 2008 oil pipeline explosion.

What are your thoughts on the cyber activity of our government and others? Is a cyber war brewing? What technology and policy will we see in 2015 to battle it? Next week, I’ll publish some thoughts on trends in the next year and we’ll see what role state-sponsored threats may play in the cyber posture of our government.

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