Taking Control Over Airport Infrastructure Projects: The Internal Program Office

Airports have seen a huge increase in passenger and cargo activity over the past few years. To accommodate this sudden boom, an estimated $75.7 billion will be spent through 2019 on capital improvements and rehabilitation of existing facilities. However, capital projects at this scale always come with difficulties, such as high bid prices from Architecture & Engineering (A&E) contractors, ineffective communication, inadequate contractor accountability, and the lack of data delivered by contractors at the end of the project. In order to give airport infrastructure managers the control they desire, proprietors are bringing the planning, design, and engineering processes in-house, creating an Internal Program Office (IPO).

The IPO is the next evolution of airport infrastructure projects, providing the software, PCs, and office space needed for contractors to work, while leaving the actual design and construction to A&E firms. This new hierarchy of building operations provides infrastructure owners more control and ownership of the design data produced during the span of the project and greater overall project visibility, resulting in a new level of accountability of contractors involved. Airports that enact an IPO get great authority over their projects and see reduced anxiety over typical large scale project challenges.

Autodesk software has been key in assisting airport project managers develop and maintain an IPO throughout every stage of development: planning, designing, building, and managing. With Autodesk, infrastructure managers can be confident that every step of their large scale project will be streamlined, providing more control and unprecedented efficiency.

For additional information on how Autodesk solutions can help with capital project development, check out the more detailed infographic below. And to learn more about current Autodesk trends, check out #AutodeskFederal on Twitter.


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