NGA to Provide a Gateway for GEOINT Suppliers with New CIBORG Initiative

Innovation and acquisition. It’s hard to have one without the other in the public sector, which is why the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA), in collaboration with the General Services Administration (GSA), have made both easier by eliminating the lengthy procurement process through the Commercial Initiative to Buy Operationally Responsive GEOINT (CIBORG).

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“The era of multiyear, billion-dollar contracts for services that last decades have had their time,” Robert Cardillo, Director of NGA, told the congressional committee. “We have to become more agile and revisit fundamental acquisition strategies.” This is especially true when it comes to the relatively new field of geospatial technology.

Considering the fluid, fast-moving environment of geospatial intelligence, agencies don’t want to be encumbered with complex, business-as-usual methods of purchasing the products they know will enhance their missions. What they do want is to create a more agile process of obtaining the most accurate information currently available, in the least amount of time, to achieve their goals. What CIBORG does is allow NGA access to acquire commercially available geospatial services and products through GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules Program.

The benefits extend far beyond the NGA though, and excitement has been building around CIBORG, with several prominent federal agencies already recognizing the promise of its diverse benefits, not only to them, but also to the American people. By eliminating most of the stringent protocols required for agencies to make purchases, CIBORG also cuts down wait time.

To use a popularized analogy, CIBORG can be compared to a department store, where every product is categorized and presented openly through a single point of entry. This gives agencies more products and services to choose from, and more choices in terms of the kinds of vendors – big or small – they prefer to work with. The increased competition, as well as the amplified transparency and ability of agencies to avoid costly redundancies, saves money for the American taxpayer. In the simplest terms, CIBORG expands options at the same time that it streamlines and hastens the procurement process.

Carahsoft’s Geospatial Portfolio includes vendors with products and services for use in national security departments that are available through CIBORG, including:

CompassData: A certified international database of ground control points that expands the NGA’s airport catalog. Includes 0.85 meter accurate orthorectified imagery (RMSE), Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and digitized airport elements.

Digital Map Products: A database of over 200 attributes on approximately 150 million properties in the U.S. The accuracy-tested data set, which is preconfigured with other aggregated data, enables a complete view for location-based solutions.

Google Map Imagery: A new platform offering access to 6” pixel images within GIS applications. GMI covers almost 100% of CONUS, as well as regions in West Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada and Mexico.

GeoNorth: GeoNorth Information Systems (GNIS) is the only commercial entity to own and operate a US-based multimission Direct Receiving Station (DRS) capable of tasking, collecting, processing and delivering commercial solutions supporting GEOINT analytic workflows. GNIS offers optical and radar imagery, custom satellite monitoring services, digital elevation models and much more.

Intermap Technologies: Geospatial solutions on demand with cloud-based Orion Platform. Features a suite of 3D Business Intelligence (3DBI®) applications, geospatial services and proprietary development of contiguous databases that merge data from multiple sources into a single source.

Terra Pixel: Open Geospatial Standards provides real-time imagery streaming to power multiple analytical client applications. Streamap Imagery Service streams data directly from AWS S3 and leverages the compute power of ECS, Serverless Lambda commands and Kinesis Streaming Services.

aWhere: An agriculture information and insight company. Founded in 1999, aWhere generates and analyzes over 7 billion data points every day, creating unprecedented visibility and access to our hyper-local agriculture intelligence. aWhere’s Ag Intelligence Platform gives access to predictive analytic outputs, as well as the raw information, covering the planet, supporting innovative next generation food and human security solutions.

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