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Making Citizen Response as Easy as 3-1-1

311 services can be time-intensive and confusing, both for the user and the receiver. But why does it have to be that way? Citizen communication with government should be simple and convenient. Even more, it should be available through popular platforms that citizens use. For 311 programs to truly be successful, citizens should be able to connect with public services on their time and on the platform of their preference.

In response to these challenges, Salesforce built their Engagement Center solution which combines a variety of communication platforms that can be integrated into one ready-made channel. It offers a convenient and simplified way for citizens to connect with city and local officials, offer feedback, get questions answered, and more. The platform provides city employees a well-rounded view of all inquiries and interactions as well as an integrated dashboard for all the different communication channels. And with a more informed staff that’s able to deliver relevant information on inquiries more rapidly, citizen satisfaction on 311 programs is also increasing.

City governments across the country are recognizing the value of streamlining citizen self-service and opening the doors of communication between individuals and their services. Salesforce’s 311 Engagement Center solutions aid in this process and have been helping organizations nationwide find success.

For example, Elgin, a Chicago suburb, was looking to increase the level of transparency in inter-governmental interactions and develop a more effective system for serving constituents. Perhaps most challenging obstacle was that the city had to unify the data, contacts, and content of 19 different agencies in order to make this goal possible.

Elgin now employs Salesforce’s 311 Service solution, a single, centralized platform to better resolve non-emergency issues from their 19 agencies. It provides both executives and employees with all the information they need, right at their fingertips, in order to make better-informed decisions for the citizens they serve.

The results? An ROI of 120% and an impressive payback period of just over 8 months. More, Elgin receives an average annual benefit of over half a million dollars, increased productivity with leadership and employees, and increased 311 participation by the public. What’s more, once an agent closes a case, their Community Cloud offers the employees ability to share their findings across various departmental silos, empowering personnel to deliver better citizen service as well.

Similarly, Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, and Hampton, VA are all finding success with their 311 programs with Salesforce. By driving more accountability and transparency with 311, local governments are able to better allocate resources and serve citizens. By streamlining business processes, these entities have been able to cut infrastructure costs and deploy citizen services more rapidly. Even more, by reducing the variety of systems that make up 311 systems, city and local governments minimize duplicity for agents and make reporting easier and faster.

With the wide variety of communication channels integrated into one platform with Salesforce 311 Services, citizens and employees have a clear view of the status of their inquiry as it addressed, reducing confusion, increasing productivity, and enhancing satisfaction. By making communication with government easy and driving accountability to these claims, both citizens and employees alike are finding more success with their 311 programs.

For more information on how Salesforce is transforming 311 service to meet the expectations of citizens and the needs of city employees, check out this whitepaper and demo. And for more on how government agencies are improving engagement with citizens, check out our Citizen Engagement Seminar June 16th.

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