Hybridity is More Than Just a 21 Point Scrabble Word

Michael van Dijken, Product Marketing, Cloud Services, VMware participated in an interview following the EMC Federal Summit. In the interview, he provided insight into the future of cloud computing and government.

van Dijken highlighted how agencies like the USDA and the Census Bureau are already using mobile applications that are best served from the cloud. The USDA is offering firefighters valuable, life-saving data direct to their mobile devices, while the Census Bureau’s dwellr app dives deep into the latest demographic, socio-economic and housing statistics.

For agencies still concerned about the “loss of control” in moving to the cloud, Michael discussed the concept of “hybridity.” The term is defined as the extension of on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Agencies can enable application and data mobility while also retaining control using existing processes, people, and automation. Put another way, there is no need to rewrite applications and learn new management and orchestration tools.

For the full interview, check out the VMware Intersection Blog.

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