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Enabling Veteran Support with Building Information Modeling

The Autodesk Federal Solutions team recently partnered with CADD Microsystems, the Association of General Contractors, and Warrior Canine Connection (WCC) to turn 2 barns originally built in the 1930s into a modern facility for their puppy training program. Warrior Canine Connection is a non-profit organization that uses canine connection therapy to help facilitate the healing process for wounded soldiers by teaching them to train service dogs for fellow veterans.

The Autodesk Federal Solutions Team is helping to simplify the renovation process by assisting WCC in creating BIM (Building Information Modeling) models of their existing structures. Using a FARO Focus 3D x330 Laser Scanner and an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), the team was able to obtain both laser and photo based data to build detailed 3D models of the barns. This data was then synthesized to develop a Building Information Model (BIM) that allows key stakeholders to make smart decisions and optimize renovation planning.

For more information on how the Autodesk Federal Solutions Team helped streamline project development for Warrior Canine Connection, check out the more detailed infographic below. And to follow along with the project’s progress, check out #AutodeskFederal on Twitter.

BIM Veteran Support

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