Completing the SDDC Puzzle


Network virtualization has the promise to offer better flexibility and efficiency to the use of computing resources. In order to deliver on that promise though, many pieces of the networking puzzle need to work together. Carahsoft partner, VMware, has assembled those pieces using its own technology, VMware NSX, the platform for network security solutions in the SDDC, as well as that of other leading technology vendors.

To create a true Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), an organization must virtualize the server, storage, and network. By applying the operational model of a virtual machine to the data center network, it helps meet the promise of SDDC by de-coupling the network functions from the physical devices for faster provisioning, simpler operations, and optimized network economics. More importantly, it allows for easier deployment of security solutions to keep the data center (and the information it stores) secure.

To help with increased visibility and security in provisioning, VMware is working with F5 to make it easy to integrate the company’s Big-IP solution into the NSX framework.

VMware is also working with HyTrust to use their CloudControl appliance to provide role-based access controls, visibility, and secure multi-tenancy to the virtual infrastructure. In fact, HyTrust was awarded a Best of VMWorld Gold Award in the Security/Compliance Virtualization category.

More of VMware’s partner relationships (and the functionality they support) can be found here. The NSX platform and subsequent supporting technologies show that the promise of SDDC can be a reality once all the right pieces are aligned.

For more information on VMware NSX, click here.

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