Constituent Engagement

Citizen Engagement, New Technology, and the Future

citizen engagementToday, when we talk about citizen engagement, we’re no longer just referencing public forums or printed flyers. Digital is where everything is heading. New digital platforms and technology now enable us to connect with our communities in meaningful and innovative ways to:

• encourage participation and collaboration
• broaden knowledge transfer through secure
communications platforms
• create channels for public connection and input
• streamline processes for communicating new
information to the public and other agencies

In this new digital landscape, government agencies should be aware of all of the possibilities, and be able to conduct digital citizen engagement easily and quickly.

We believe that this foray into digital citizen engagement is not just possible; it’s imperative. And we’re committed to helping government agencies approach the future with bold confidence.

Learn how fellow government agencies are amplifying their citizen engagement strategies in this latest guide from GovLoop.

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