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Changing Role of Federal IT

Mel Stockwell, deputy chief cloud strategist in VMware’s Public Sector division, recently authored an interesting opinion piece in Washington Technology on the way Federal IT will evolve over the next several years. Over the next five years, he expects to see a fundamental shift in the way agencies use IT. Despite (and many in spite of) tightening budgets, agencies are taking a hard look at their IT resources and making dramatic changes to the way they use technology and deliver it to their users.

Mel predicts that in the not too distant future, most government IT will come from less than a dozen federal IT service centers. He cites the successful service centers already in use by the departments of Agriculture and Interior. With service centers providing and maintaining the technology, individual IT teams will focus less on running infrastructure and more on developing smarter ways to deliver services that move agency missions forward.

You can read the full piece here. What do you think of his predictions? How will the environment he describes affect how you do business?

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