Cloud Strategy Alignment with Executive Priorities

Mandates to move to the cloud have been in place for years, so why has the move been so slow for some? The promise of efficiency and cost savings of an estimated $5 billion annually resonates with everyone in government, but there are other concerns that can stall the move to the cloud. Typically, these obstacles to adoption stem from priorities within agency leadership. There are competing priorities and goals that get in the way of cloud deployment.

  • CFOs care about cost

For many CFOs, the resounding attitude is: if it’s cheaper, we should do it now. IT must strive to bridge traditional silos and work with finance departments to help them understand dependencies and why the move to the cloud has to be done slowly and strategically. Additionally, initial, and sometimes heavy, up-front costs should be thoroughly explained to show how they will enable long term savings.

  • CIOs care about modernization

CIOs are well aware of the amount and value of the information and data within their organization. They are looking for solutions that they can be confident will scale and protect that information. More, today’s CIOs are looking for sustainable solutions that will be agile enough for scaling in the coming years. For many, it’s no longer enough for cloud solutions to fit today’s needs, they must fit the needs of five years from now.

  • CISOs care about standardization

The solutions that CISOs will support have to fit within the processes, standards, and policies of the organization to ensure data control. With policies like FedRAMP in place, CISOs have strong legislative backing that addresses their security concerns for this adoption.

  • CTOs care about stability

When a new cloud solution comes to the table, CTOs are asking themselves: is this solution going to “break” my well-oiled IT machine? CTOs need assurance that cloud technologies will work within, or even improve, existing IT infrastructures and will have a seamless transition and implementation for end users.

  • Managers care about the day-to-day

Out on the frontlines, agency management is faced with real and pressing questions for cloud adoption: can the solution be right sized for my team’s needs? Will it make us more efficient while maintaining compliance? What visibility is there into the performance?

All of these concerns and priorities can be addressed with cloud management technologies and processes. VMware has played a large part in numerous cloud success stories including helping the Department of Energy set up servers in 30 minutes as opposed to 30 days, saving the Centers for Disease Control $16,000 per research engagement, and engaging with the Veterans Administration to move 600,000 workers to cloud email in the next five years. Find out more about how VMware can help your agency overcome cloud adoption obstacles here.

How are you seeing these competing priorities being addressed in cloud deployments? Let us know in the comments.

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