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5 Reasons To Attend The Adobe Digital Government Technology Conference This November

The Adobe Digital Government Technology Conference is just a week away, on November 15 in Washington, D.C. Attendees will get a first-hand look from Adobe’s experts on how Adobe’s government IT solutions directly respond to the growing demand for digitization and personalized digital experiences across platforms for citizens. Attendees will leave with a deeper knowledge of Adobe solutions, including Adobe Connect, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager among others, and a preview of how these solutions are empowering government agencies and aiding their digital transformation.


Still deciding on whether to attend Adobe’s Digital Government Technology Conference? Here are the things we’re most looking forward to:

The lineup of speakers: Including a government keynote from Michael Hermus.

The conference features keynote addresses from both government speakers and roadmap makers in Adobe Public Sector, Including:

  • Government Keynote – Michael Hermus, Chief Technology Officer, Department of Homeland Security. (Pending agency approval)
  • Government Panel – Christen Geiler, Management & Program Analyst, Office of the Assistant of Secretary for Public Affairs, Digital, Health and Human Services.
  • Government Panel – Kerry Lenahan, Digital Services Expert, Department of Veterans Affairs. (Pending agency approval)
  • Government Panel – Shannon Sartin, Executive Director of the Digital Services, Health and Human Services. (Pending agency approval)
  • Karen Tarrell, Vice President of Americas Public Sector, Adobe.
  • Greg Reeder, Head of Industry Strategy & Marketing, Government, Adobe.
  • Steve Gottwals, Technical Director, Security Solutions, Adobe.

Our President, Craig Abod, will give the welcome address alongside Juliana Slye of Government Business Results!

We’ll also hear from ATARC’s founder, Tom Suder, as well as the CEO of Envolvemedia.

One government panel, “Improving the Federal Customer Experience – A White House Priority,” will explore how government agencies will leverage technologies such as automation and data analytics in the future, and take a deep dive into the current state of Federal Customer experience and how the government can deliver its digital services more efficiently to provide better customer satisfactions to the citizens they serve. The founder of ATARC, Tom Suder, and Christen Geiler, Management & Program Analyst for the ASPA.

A preview of what’s next for technologies enabling government agencies to create personalized digital experiences. The conference will provide attendees with a unique look at how Adobe is transforming the way agencies securely create, manage, deliver and optimize personalized digital experience across platforms. Adobe executives and experts will reveal the trends and technologies that define tomorrow’s digital experiences for citizens.

Be a part of a new frontier of digital experience for government. Adobe’s conference is an opportunity to dive into breakout sessions on the technologies and strategies that will create a new world of possibilities for the way government agencies create digital experiences for citizens. Not only will you be able to rub elbows and converse with industry experts, but you’ll also get the chance to be a part of the conversation and “mind meld” with other attendees in an exchange of ideas.

Hands-on lab sessions. Hands-on sessions will feature a step-by-step walkthrough in a lab exercise format on varying Adobe solutions, including: Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms, Adobe Connect, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Adobe Captivate. Each participating attendee will have the application on a machine, and can follow along as the lab exercise guide walks them through the steps of working in each of the Adobe technologies.

The technology lounge. The conference boasts a product technology lounge for one-on-one technology discussion and collaboration. This technology lounge also offers attendees a personal experience via live demos, where they’ll get to speak with, and have their most pertinent questions directly addressed by, experts on varying Adobe solutions, including: eLearning, Creative Cloud, AEM and more.

Check out the full lineup of speakers and event details before the show. Can’t make it to D.C.? Carahsoft’s social media team will be tweeting live from the Adobe Digital Government Technology Conference on November 15 in Washington, D.C. – join the conversation by following @Carahsoft on Twitter and tweeting with the hashtag #AdobeGovCon!

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