Big Data

A Challenge to Innovate

This year’s Strata + Hadoop World brought some unexpected star power to the case of modern data science. President Obama appeared via video to discuss the critical role that open data should play in innovating government services to citizens. As part of his keynote, the President introduced DJ Patil, Chief Data Scientist for the federal government. Patil joins the growing ranks of Chief Data Officers and is excited about the emphasis this administration has put on new uses for data. He even states that “the government may in fact be more focused on data than the commercial market.”

In his session, Patil mentioned the numerous dashboards the President has mandated be assembled. President Obama doesn’t just set these mandates, but also looks at them daily to get a pulse of priority programs and initiatives. Additionally, Patil outlined three key areas that industry and government alike should focus on in terms of better employment of data.

  • Precision medicine – bringing together data science and bioinformatics
  • Building data products on top of – it’s now more than opening data, it is creating products to use that data
  • Responsible data science – ensuring great data policy moving forward

His passion for the power of data is clear during his presentation. If you need some more inspiration, register for the Government Big Data Forum on March 12 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

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