Data Integration with Siren

October 31, 2022

Benny Huang
Senior Implementation Consultant, Siren

Siren is an intelligent investigative platform that quickly and efficiently finds connections between disparate data sources. These rapid connections are facilitated through an associative data model that defines how the data within your eco-system are interconnected.

In today’s investigations landscape, it is often difficult to bring together the data that investigators and crime analysts use. Law enforcement entities often have a large number of systems including on-site data sources such as records management systems, computer-aided dispatch systems and jail management systems. Some of their sources are web-based data like open-source data providers. Additional data needed in an investigation may come from ad-hoc subpoena data (e.g. Call Detail Records) and case-specific forensic data from mobile devices (e.g., Cellebrite). At times, they need data from external data providers (e.g., CLEAR, Accurint), body-worn cameras (e.g., Axon), and license plate readers (e.g., Flock, Vigilant) to get sufficient context for their investigation. Siren effectively brings all these data sources together by connecting directly to the on-site data sources, connecting to any number of external data sources using web services and loading data through the user interface.

Below is a high-level depiction of how this data all relates in a law enforcement data model:

The Siren Platform seamlessly relates a variety of data sources together and provides a single view of the consolidated information. Given an investigation where the only known information is the name of a person, Siren can relate this person to all information accessible to the platform such as their cell phone and vehicles, this can verify the person using a web integration to a service such as Thompson Reuters CLEAR.

Below is a depiction of a screen showing internal records combined with a verification of the identity through Thompson Reuters CLEAR:

The ability to bring together key information for an investigation in a central view alleviates context switching multiple logins to go from system to system, and manual correlation on paper, Word document, or Excel spreadsheet and effort.

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