Palantir Announces Availability of Foundry on Microsoft Azure

By Palantir Technologies

Amid global economic uncertainty, access to integrated, protected, and trusted data and analytics is more vital than ever when it comes to creating business value. To further enable transformative outcomes, Palantir is pleased to partner with Microsoft in making Palantir Foundry available on Microsoft Azure, empowering existing and new customers to more effectively apply data and analytics in their operational decision-making.

Through this new collaboration, organizations will be able to quickly deploy Palantir Foundry — our ontology-powered operating system for the modern enterprise — as well as being able to unlock further value in Azure Data Services with Microsoft’s cloud-scale analytics and AI solutions.

As part of this relationship, our Foundry platform is available on Azure, enabling customers to deploy our software at speed, while benefiting from Azure’s trusted and secure infrastructure, as well as its global commercial footprint.

Availability on the Azure Marketplace will enable seamless purchasing and invoicing, with customers able to use their existing Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) to purchase a Foundry license and infrastructure costs.

Foundry’s single view ontology can layer on top of Azure Data Services, where they can then use investments for faster time to value, by better unlocking insights, and predicting and simulating outcomes for more data-driven decision making.

The platform will also integrate with native Azure Data Services for enterprise data management on Microsoft Azure, such as Azure Data Lake, Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Industry Clouds. This means customers will be able to further build on their existing IT investments in Azure Data Services through Palantir’s software-defined data integration (SDDI) to products like Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure AI and Azure Machine Learning, alongside others.

“We’re pleased to partner with Palantir to bring Foundry to Microsoft Azure. Organizations around the world will be able to make their data more actionable by using Palantir’s platform for data-driven operations and decision making, powered by Azure’s cloud-scale analytics and comprehensive AI services.” — Deb Cupp, President, Microsoft North America

Better Together with Palantir Foundry and Azure Data Services

Our new relationship with Microsoft will also see us go to market together in joint opportunities across industries like energy and renewables, retail and CPG, as well as other cross-industry sustainability and ESG efforts, where Microsoft customers can enhance their existing digital transformation efforts in Azure Data Services:

  • Energy and Renewables: Foundry enables customers to integrate data at speed and scale from remote sensors and Azure IoT Hub, apply this data to drive up the efficiency of assets, from offshore oil to onshore wind.

  • Retail and CPG: The platform enables organizations to bring near-instant visibility into demand and the ability to adapt their promotions, inventory, and operations in real time.

  • Sustainability and ESG: We’re helping organizations in their net zero transition by creating a common carbon ontology to empower front line decision makers to adjust their work to meet emissions targets.

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences: Foundry is used across the healthcare and life sciences value chain, from drug discovery and development, through to manufacturing, marketing, and sales. Integrate with Azure Health Data Services to manage protected health information.

We are also working together to accelerate time to value for customers in these industries any many more, by consolidating SAP and other ERPs using Palantir HyperAuto, helping them to create a more integrated data landscape. Palantir HyperAuto can help customers accelerate their journey to SAP on Azure and quickly surface insights in just hours.

Partnership in Action

Additional Palantir Foundry capabilities that can be deployed at speed via Azure include those from customers like the connected vehicle company Wejo. Wejo is a proud Palantir partner, optimizing Foundry’s capabilities, and a global leader in Smart Mobility for Good™ cloud and software solutions for connected, electric, and autonomous vehicle data.

Their data comes from over 92 billion vehicle journeys and consist of more than 19.5 trillion data points to data that provide businesses and organizations across a variety of industries the power to innovate, drive growth, transform communities, and save lives.

“We want to help reduce the 1.3 million deaths that happen each year on the road and the additional 8 million due to emissions with smart mobility for good products and services. As part of the Foundry platform, we are excited that Palantir customers with Azure will be able to more rapidly drive integrated, protected, and trusted data and analytics from Wejo for smart mobility initiatives and business value.” — Sarah Larner, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at Wejo

We look forward to working with Microsoft to broaden Foundry’s availability, enabling clients across industries to better leverage their existing investments for improved operational outcomes.

Those interested in learning more about Palantir and Microsoft’s relationship can visit the Palantir website or get started today via the Azure Marketplace.

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