Okta’s Secure Identity Roadshow Explores the Latest in Modern, Cloud-based Identity Modernization and Access Management

October 6, 2022

Dean Scontras,
Vice President for State, Local Government and Education, Okta

Matt Harcourt,
Vice President of Public Sector Strategic Alliances, LexisNexis

What Vistors Need to Know

Identity is the foundation of every public service, and it is more important than ever to protect against fraud. Okta supports your organization’s efforts for API authorization policies based on application, user context, and group membership to make sure only the right people get access to the right information. Okta’s Secure Identity Roadshow, visitors will discover how their organization can safeguard against bad actors while optimizing the digital customer experience.

Throughout the roadshow, public sector thought leaders and speakers will cover topics such as the latest in modern, cloud-based identity and access, how to control and secure sprawling APIs, simplifying the user experience and growing modernization for government organizations. Visitors will also have a chance to learn from their local Okta partners on how to fight against fraud, waste and abuse and how your organization can leverage Okta’s identity solutions.

What does IT modernization mean for your organization? At the top of the list, better digital services and stronger cybersecurity are a great start, but agencies need big improvements in efficiency and reliability too. Where can your organization start? With identity.

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Okta and LexisNexis: Fighting Fraud Together

At the start of the pandemic, public sector agencies faced immediate changes like a fully remote workforce and overworked, outdated systems. This combination led to a severe lack of preparedness against fraudsters seizing their chance to infiltrate the vulnerable situation at hand. In the future, what can organization’s do to prevent fraud before it happens?

Okta and LexisNexis offer a solutions guide for mitigating these risks with multiple benefits any public organization can take advantage of. With Okta and LexisNexis Risk Solutions, agencies can better prevent, detect and investigate fraud while keeping the service experience frictionless.

With this guide, agencies can learn to:

  • Verify citizen identities continuously
  • Utilize one identity platform for all
  • Adopt digital identity verification that learns over time
  • Own a complete and powerful solution to fight fraud

The alliance between Okta and LexisNexis enhances public trust in the government’s digital services by reducing fraud through:

  • Managing identities and access from the cloud, freeing staff to focus on helping constituents in need
  • Once initially proofed, offering continued identity protection with strong yet simple, multi-factor authentication to ensure users are who they say they are

To learn more about the partnership between Okta and LexisNexis and how it can support your organization's efforts against fraud, view these additional resources:

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