Okta and GovSlack Bring Digital-first Environment to Government

April 3, 2023

Sean Frazier
Federal CSO - Okta

Digital transformation is all around us. From how we shop to where we work, digital-first environments are the new normal. While the private sector quickly adopted collaborative, digital workspaces, the pace is a bit slower for government agencies - and for good reason.

Higher levels of security and compliance are required in government work, yet agencies still feel limited by the legacy systems in place. To transform into a digital-first workspace that promotes collaboration and improves communication among agencies and contractors, government agencies need flexible, inclusive technology that doesn’t sacrifice cybersecurity.

Modernize with a digital command center

Okta integrates with GovSlack to help the government modernize how work gets done. The centralized digital headquarters provides frictionless, secure access and helps agencies increase productivity, security, governance, and end-to-end workflows.

GovSlack was launched to allow for secure collaboration. Okta’s Identity and access management (IAM) policies throughout GovSlack meet the security and compliance needs of intra- and cross-functional government teams and contractors.

Top five reasons to modernize with Okta and GovSlack

Here are some of the top reasons agencies can benefit from the Okta and GovSlack solutions:

  1. Share information with external agencies and contractors in real time: Slack Connect allows agencies to extend the benefits of their centralized, digital workspace to both internal and external team members in real time. This helps reduce the need for meetings and follow-ups. Okta’s IAM capabilities throughout the platform remove siloed Identity security across the extended enterprise.

  2. Access growing library of integrations: Okta's secure and seamless integration with GovSlack and a growing number of high-security versions of the most commonly used business applications protect the government’s highest-value assets.

  3. Meet strict compliance and security requirements: Okta’s FedRAMP Moderate Identity solution includes features and capabilities available throughout GovSlack that are designed to strengthen the security posture of government agencies. Okta’s trusted security capabilities meet Zero Trust architecture (ZTA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA’s) Identity pillar, helping agencies bridge on-premises assets to the cloud with a unified and automated Identity-driven access layer.

  4. Create a frictionless workforce experience: IAM tools from Okta, like phishing-resistant Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and biometrics, allow users to easily access the secure platform from any location or device. Granting permissions and access controls at scale is simple through GovSlack’s enterprise-grade admin dashboard.

  5. Launch into the future of modern work: With security measures offered by Okta and GovSlack, agencies can incorporate a secure, cloud-based digital headquarters into all aspects of their daily work. With a secure digital workspace in place, agencies can reduce time spent building on-premises solutions, breaking down information silos, improving collaboration internally and externally, and opening the door to more possibilities when all stakeholders have access to the same workspace.

Download our Solution Brief to learn more about Okta, the federal Identity solution for high-impact applications, and GovSlack, the designated “digital headquarters” for many government agencies.