Okta Cloud Identity now available on NJ NASPO Contract

February 4, 2022

Jamie Burgess
Regional Director, State and Local Government – Okta

Okta Cloud Identity solutions are now available to all New Jersey public and executive agencies on Carahsoft's statewide NASPO ValuePoint contract. Carahsoft makes it easy for all agencies within the State of New Jersey to utilize this contract vehicle to procure cloud solutions via a state contract. Okta delivers the essential, modern identity and access management (IAM) capabilities that can assist the state's modernization efforts for their workforce and constituents.

Okta’s Cloud Identity Solutions include:

  • Single sign on
  • Advanced Server Access
  • API Access Management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Access gateway
  • User management

Advantages of Software as a Service

New Jersey state agencies can reduce costs, accelerate services, and modernize their cybersecurity initiatives in several ways with the addition of an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution.

Okta’s standard SaaS product can offer:

  • Data transparency through data collection tools that can help explain analytics to users
  • Easy access to the cloud for employees that are working remotely
  • Enhanced security via the ability to update and oversee software to respond to threats
  • Service resources for citizens
  • Simplified cloud usage that will save money by removing the need to outsource IT

With this new addition to Carahsoft’s NASPO Contract, Okta is able to provide the state with modern and secure identity and access management solutions that are easy to maintain through the cloud.

Identity Access Management on StateRAMP

In September of 2021, Okta became one of the first organizations to be included on the StateRAMP authorized vendor list. StateRAMP aims to standardize and promote cybersecurity through education, advocacy, and policy development for state and local governments. Through their partnership, the two aim to improve cybersecurity on government websites to better serve the public.

As one of the first companies included in the StateRAMP authorized vendor list, Okta has illustrated its data security capabilities. Okta's security solutions can abide by government regulations such as FedRAMP and HIPAA. Okta can also help companies become CJIS compliant. Targeted toward government and procurement officials, the StateRAMP list recognizes companies with established data security, as well as accomplished IaaS, SaaS, and/or PaaS solutions. With the rise in remote work, IT security has become more important than ever.

Identity Standardization in Kansas and Iowa

Okta has aided the Kansas and Iowa state government’s objectives in combating fraud and providing citizens secure access to critical online services. With the hurdles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, work had changed dramatically. More citizens needed to file for unemployment benefits, and others had their work moved remotely. Okta was there to help agencies transition to modern technology platforms while maintaining the same level of security.

For government agencies, Okta’s identity security solution is vital to protection from cyber threats. Due to Okta’s efforts of employing Identity Access Management solutions on Kansas and Iowa websites, access security has improved for both the government workforce and public citizens. This pursuit has led to faster implementation, better time value, enhanced security, digital transformation, and a simplified experience for users.

With the implementation of Okta Identity Cloud, the Kansas Department of Labor and/or Iowa were able to:

  • Stop over 7 million bots and fraudulent login attempts to their unemployment benefit site
  • Utilize Okta's customer identity products to connect citizens to new online services as they helped affected citizens with rental and utility assistance
  • Connect all its citizens with easy online access to agency services
  • Strengthen their government services to better serve their constituents

With Okta’s cybersecurity protection from bad actors and bots, and their endeavor to provide secure, simplified, and centralized identity access management, this dream approaches reality.

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