Nutanix Unified Storage Services Gets Government Ready for Multi-Cloud and Data Anywhere

July 14, 2021

Sherry Walshak
Sr. Public Sector Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix

Recently, government organizations have begun making the transition to hybrid and multi-cloud IT models to better support their users and constituents. Federal agencies are realizing they have an issue with storage silos that limit visibility, block access and slow innovation. Data is the lifeblood of every organization. Most data is siloed in storage systems, scattered all over the organization, and agencies are unable to use the data strategically.

The recent Department of Defense OCONUS Cloud Strategy notes that “warfighters carrying out a mission requires persistent access to information hosted by various cloud providers, in different environments, and at multiple classification levels. Further, the information ecosystem must include data to and from various tactical devices and mission partner environments that enable information sharing with coalition partners. Mission owner and warfighter access to information must not be tethered to a specific cloud solution or data center. They must be available regardless of geographical location or coalition partnership.”

Nutanix is leading the charge in providing government organizations with a storage solution that has a data first architecture, that empowers authorized users, warfighters, application and business teams with data when, and how, they need it. The goal of Nutanix Unified Storage Solutions is simple: provide an efficient way to manage and share unstructured data to help government operate and support mission success.

Scalability is Critical

When it comes to multi-cloud, it is important a solution can scale effectively regardless of size of workload and location to meet requirements. Nutanix has innovated its storage with extremely dense nodes that can be configured to work with various performance and capacity requirements. Specifically looking at capacity, these include 350 TB capacity nodes for Nutanix Files and Nutanix Objects and can be configured with 320 TB of HDD and 30 TB of SDD. They also let users deploy 10 PB of raw capacity in a single 32-node cluster, which, when combined with Nutanix Objects multi-cluster support, allows customers to merge multiple clusters to support extremely large requirements in one name space.

In terms of performance, with the most recent release of Nutanix Files, performance improvements are evident for those who require changeable block size for file storage. Operational overhead is reduced by consolidating the mix of point storage products together onto a single storage platform that can serve any data need from a single management point. Managing this much data at this scale requires automation and data intelligence. Nutanix Unified Storage is unique in that it provides an integrated analytics engine to give administrators greater visibility of their data for easier management and better protection. And finally, very small to very large deployment of this solution are equally effortless with fast, automated deployments.

Support Diverse Nutanix Platforms

Another important factor of multi-cloud architecture is usability with other platforms and technologies. Nutanix Unified Storage Services has allowed the Nutanix ecosystem to expand coverage of offerings in the cloud, on-prem and at the edge. With that expansion, Nutanix solutions have enabled VMware ESXi, Change Healthcare PACS, IBM Watson Health PACS, IBM SpectrumProtect and Milestone Video Surveillance.

Nutanix Unified Storage also supports:

  • Nutanix Clusters on AWS: Nutanix Clusters users have been able to run their file storage on AWS and can now extend their capabilities with Nutanix Files by deploying on Nutanix Clusters. Customers will receive the added bonus of single point of management with Nutanix Prism Central while enjoying licensing mobility.
  • Nutanix Objects 3.1: Customers can gain economic benefit and flexibility around leveraging cloud storage within lifecycle management with Objects 3.1, which enables tiering of object data. It is S3 object store compatible, maintains metadata locally and lowers costs while maximizing performance with its ability to be optimized.

Manage Data Simply

With Nutanix Unified Storage Solutions, data management and analysis can be made easier by utilizing a resourceful and adaptable distributed storage platform.

  • Streamline with A Single Data Platform: Avoid having data scattered throughout an organization. Instead, remain strategic with a manageable and scalable single software-based storage platform across all areas of your business to improve accessibility. It also allows for the use of one interface to visualize, manage, audit, and store your data to ensure compliance.
  • Keep Data Safe: Protect your data with incorporated intelligence, self-healing technology that hinders data loss, backup integration and disaster recovery capabilities. Additionally, keep your organization’s data secure with threat detection to deflect ransomware and other attacks, anomaly detection and policies to shield personal information.
  • Comprehensive Improvement for Management: This reliable solution maximizes it’s use of available resources and serves intense and demanding workloads by using load balancing and data replacement to meet an agency’s needs. With built-in life cycle management, your organization can achieve simplicity in daily operations and unstructured data storage. Finally, its incredible scalability non-disruptively allows it to grow with the amount of data it collects, all while remaining cost efficient and optimizable for price.

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