Nutanix Receives California SLP Approval to Deliver Hybrid Cloud Solutions Across Government Agencies

April 22, 2021

Raul Zuniga
State of California – Account Director, Nutanix

Executive Summary

A leading hybrid cloud infrastructure vendor, Nutanix is now an approved vendor for the software licensing program (SLP) with the State of California. Nutanix’s three-year contract with the state means the company has been pre-reviewed and opens its services to state and local agencies and educational institutions. Government organizations can buy software directly from Nutanix in a competitive bidding process and benefit from a volume discount worked out in the SLP.

Easier Access to Nutanix

Today’s IT departments are increasingly asked to deliver additional capabilities that enable their organizations to innovate in new and faster ways. The public cloud is often looked at to augment existing on-prem environments. But this creates new challenges like managing complex networking, re-architecting applications, and using multiple infrastructure tools for various clouds. At Nutanix, we solve these problems with a single software platform that can span private and public clouds, making hybrid and multicloud deployments easy to deploy, use, and adapt.

As an SLP vendor, Nutanix is furthering our goal of promoting our subscription licensing model, which provides greater flexibility to our customers in support of private cloud, hybrid, or multicloud environments. Being part of California's software licensing program also means that agencies can obtain extensive software discounts through the SLP contracts established with our authorized participating re-sellers, including EPlus, Entisys360, CDW, Impex, and On-Par Advisors.

State and local agencies can also reap the benefits of portable, pay-as-you-go subscription licensing across any cloud through any of our contract vehicles. With our partnerships with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google, Nutanix continues to deliver a singular experience across public, private, or multiple clouds.

Nutanix’s Hybrid Cloud solutions allow agencies like yours to enjoy one platform and one cloud while permitting them to use any application. With Nutanix Hybrid Cloud, government users can build their clouds however they want in a few clicks—instantly completing all their IT tasks on a unified cloud platform.

  • Hybrid Cloud Simplified: Nutanix solutions unify management across clouds while enabling seamless mobility of applications and data between disparate environments. Nutanix automates infrastructure operations and application delivery across public and private clouds. You can deliver each application from the right cloud, but without added complexity.
  • Seamless App Mobility: Nutanix allows you to use the same software platform on both private and public clouds, enabling you to deliver applications from public clouds, such as AWS, exactly as you do with datacenter infrastructure. You can eliminate the operational complexity of a hybrid cloud and gain the ability to extend, burst, or migrate your applications and data into the cloud of your choice.
  • One Skill Set on Any Cloud: You can manage your applications and IT resources across clouds, using the same operational practices and existing third-party integrations for a common experience. With Nutanix, there is no need to separately develop and maintain different operational and troubleshooting practices for each cloud environment.
  • Software Portability: You can avoid vendor and cloud lock-in with portable software that can move with your applications and data across clouds. Nutanix lets you have a consistent consumption model spanning private and public IT environments. You can confidently plan your long-term hybrid and multicloud strategy, maximizing the benefits of each environment.
  • Harmonize Operations Across Cloud Environments: Nutanix allows you to standardize operations across private and public environments with a common set of services to deliver, manage, and govern your applications, regardless of the underlying cloud infrastructure.

California SLP

Established in 1994, California’s SLP program is administered by the Department of General Services, Procurement Division. The program negotiates extensive software discounts with major software publishers that are then passed on to state and local government agencies, educational institutions, and government contractors through SLP contracts established with authorized participating resellers.

SLP contracts reduce the need for individual state and local agencies to conduct repetitive acquisitions for proprietary software licenses and software upgrades. The SLP program ensures that all deals are made under pre-negotiated terms and conditions with designated distribution partners. It provides an easier and more cost-effective procurement path compared to time-consuming requests for proposal. SLP contracts keep pricing consistent statewide and allow agencies to get the best deal from Nutanix across the board.

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