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Empowering Education: Nutanix and the E-Rate Program

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November 7, 2023

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Chris Seguin,
Director Regional Sales, SLED Southeast – Nutanix

The U.S. Telecommunications Act of 1996 established the E-rate program to ensure affordable access to telecommunications and internet services, particularly for schools and libraries in low-income and rural areas. E-Rate consists of two categories:

  • Category One: This covers data transmission and internet access services, including broadband connectivity and data links connecting multiple points.
  • Category Two: This category focuses on eligible equipment, such as wireless access points, controller systems, routers, switches, and essential software-defined networking (SDN) and firewalls. Nutanix is a recognized provider of Category Two services under E-Rate, enhancing digital learning, IT security, and affordability.

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During 2023, the third year of the 5 year E-Rate budget cycle, Nutanix and Carahsoft worked with a handful of customers across the country, and successfully funded and implemented multiple projects through USAC and the E-Rate program.

As we enter the fourth year of the 5 year E-Rate budget cycle, schools and libraries have 2 years left to utilize the E-Rate funds available to them. Schools and Libraries have an opportunity to fast track their digital modernization efforts with E-Rate funding. Let's delve into the Nutanix E-Rate Solution.

Nutanix's Integrated Solution: Nutanix offers an integrated software-defined solution based on hyperconverged infrastructure. This solution streamlines networking, physical security, diagnostics, and firewalling, eliminating the need for separate legacy systems. It can be consolidated onto the Nutanix Cloud Infrastructure (NCI), reducing physical device footprint, costs, and management workload. It also integrates seamlessly with Nutanix and third-party products to create a robust infrastructure stack.

Unified Management: Nutanix provides a single pane management interface for all physical and virtual resources. This simplifies the management of diverse IT environments, allowing educational IT leaders to oversee data services, workload security, uptime, SLAs, virtual networking, and governance from a centralized dashboard.

Security and Compliance: Nutanix's software incorporates robust security measures, automating compliance and providing self-healing capabilities. NCI centralizes network and security services, ensuring efficient functionality and effective incident response. It offers advanced network security, application-centric protection, and monitoring for security and compliance.

Software-Defined LAN: Nutanix's software-defined LAN technology extends Layer 2 networks across sites using virtual extensible LAN (VXLAN) technology. This enables the delivery of broadband IPv4 services without additional hardware, improving uptime and adaptability.

Accelerate IT Modernization: Nutanix accelerates IT modernization at any stage, and E-Rate qualification allows schools and libraries to save up to 68% on eligible solutions through Category Two funding.

For more information, visit www.nutanix.com/E-Rate or contact Nutanix at NutanixSLED@Carahsoft.com or E-Rate@Nutanix.com to explore how their solutions can meet your specific needs.

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