Nutanix Lets Government Organizations Optimize Multi-Cloud Costs

Dec 23, 2020

Dan Fallon
Sr. Director, Systems Engineering – Public Sector

Federal agencies enjoy multiple benefits when Nutanix’s hybrid cloud infrastructure allows them to optimize costs in a multi-cloud world. Nutanix Clusters delivers the industry’s first hybrid and multi-cloud platform with the flexibility, simplicity, and cost efficiency needed to run applications on private or multiple public clouds. With the help of the Nutanix Xi Beam platform, government organizations can also provide security compliance and cost governance capabilities.

The Challenges

Today’s digital innovation era and recent increase in remote work requirements have put an increased focus on IT teams to rapidly innovate to support agency needs. To satisfy the IT challenges of rapid provisioning while maintaining centralized control, many organizations have turned to public clouds like AWS, Azure, and others. However, IT teams must be able to extend their existing on-premises environments and skill sets to the public cloud and take advantage of various services while maintaining a unified infrastructure management plane. It can be challenging to find a solution truly designed for the hybrid and multi-cloud environment.

Simultaneously, organizations are trying to gain more visibility into what is being consumed in existing cloud deployments and understand potential cost savings. Without this, agencies have an incomplete picture of their enterprise infrastructure. Often, individual groups within an organization incorporate public cloud as a part of their hybrid cloud strategy, leading to numerous, separate cloud accounts with minimal oversight. Organizations have little insight into how and where these services were being used—or costs and compliance capabilities.

Nutanix Clusters: Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for the Multi-cloud Era

Nutanix Clusters enables seamless hybrid cloud deployments that are natively integrated into public clouds. Your organization gets direct, low latency access to the cloud-native services with predictable Nutanix resilience, efficiency, and performance. This solution has been purpose-built so you can achieve agility in extending your data center capacity using public cloud elasticity and maximize operational efficiency by leveraging the same tools across private and public clouds.

Since you have the freedom to use your portable Nutanix software licenses with the cloud of your choice, Nutanix Clusters helps you decouple your applications and investments from the underlying platform. It is designed to offer a consistent experience between the on-premises and public cloud environments. You can move applications across these environments without the risk, cost, or time taken to refactor applications—and truly achieve freedom from any lock-in to the underlying cloud.

Key features:

  • Lift and Shift: Move applications to the cloud or consolidate your data centers. No need to re-architect applications. Simply lift and shift them without any change, saving significant costs and time investments.
  • On-Demand Elasticity: Quickly scale capacity or expand to different geographical regions in minutes by bursting into public clouds to support seasonal demands.
  • Business Continuity: Leverage public clouds for high availability and disaster recovery without managing the complexity of a secondary datacenter or a stand-alone disaster recovery solution.
  • Cloud-Native Services: Modernize legacy on-premises applications with direct access to cloud-native services like artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and more.

Xi Beam: Enabling Cloud Governance Across Hybrid Cloud Deployments

Xi Beam is a multi-cloud management platform that optimizes government agency resource allocation, reducing cloud costs. With Xi Beam, Nutanix customers gain full visibility and insight into the entirety of their infrastructure environment, including public and private clouds, so they can choose the right cloud for every application. It provides visibility and control over cloud usage and improves compliance with government and other regulations. Xi Beam gives your staff the freedom to take advantage of the agility and flexibility of cloud while managing costs, minimizing risk, and streamlining administrative tasks.

Many IT teams face challenges understanding, optimizing, and managing fast-growing cloud services; they require a solution that can help ensure consistency, security, and efficient cost tracking for many different accounts. Deploying Xi Beam helps achieve visibility and control over cloud usage and improves compliance without having to examine invoices and rationalize all costs manually.

Xi Beam provides a global multi-cloud view so you can visualize cloud spend patterns from a single dashboard, making it easier to make decisions which save money and ensure compliance with regulations. It enables deep visibility and rich analytics detailing cloud consumption patterns, along with one-click cost optimization across cloud environments. Single-dashboard visibility also allows agencies to save a substantial amount of effort in managing cloud expenditures.

Combining Xi Beam with Clusters provides:

  • Unified governance for all clouds: Leaders can centrally control consumption across private, public, and hybrid cloud, and make decisions on future consumption more efficiently.
  • Continuous cost optimization: Beam conducts intelligent analysis of cloud consumption trends to provide a list of the type of product and timeline for future purchases to keep the cloud cost optimized for both private and public clouds.
  • Cluster level cost analysis: Customers will be able to see the cost of their Nutanix clusters that have been deployed and of software licenses allocated to each cluster.

Xi Beam is part of Nutanix’s Xi Government Cloud, which has achieved Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) In Process designation.

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