Reliable Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) for Schools with Nutanix Frame

October 7, 2021

Maria Alejandra Ali
Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, EUC - Nutanix

Technology plays a greater role in education than ever before, enhancing teaching and learning in ways that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. But digital transformation can also cause complications for schools. Finite resources mean that educational institutions must leverage technology for cost savings and find simple solutions that can provide a standardized experience for all students. In addition, the pandemic has encouraged educational IT leaders to transition from physical on-premise resources to cloud-based applications that leverage public cloud infrastructures.

The number of devices in the education space is increasing rapidly, placing tremendous pressure on IT staff. Low costs and good cloud connectivity have made Chromebooks popular. But, they can’t run Windows applications natively, creating problems for students who have experience with Windows PCs or who need Windows applications to stay productive and competitive for future jobs.

The Value of DaaS

When educators search for the best technology solutions, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a clear winner, offering the most cost-effective desktop virtualization and the simplest consumption model. DaaS provides an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model that is beneficial to schools’ budgets and IT resources. When schools choose DaaS rather than VDI, system administrators can provide workstations to faculty and students without hardware setup, and they can easily test hardware and software profiles.

Focusing on solutions that actually simplify IT operations, Nutanix Frame is the most suitable solution to accommodate schools’ ever-changing needs. It allows students and staff to do their work from any device, at any time or location, and from any browser. With a flexible, convenient consumption and delivery model, Nutanix Frame is the best option for educators who want to implement DaaS, offering a true pay-as-you-go cloud service that charges based on what your school actually uses. Frame also offers standardization across all device types, normalizing the BYOD experience, and eliminating the need to support each specific device.

Nutanix Frame

With Nutanix Frame, educational institutions can deliver secure virtual desktops and applications to students and staff from any location, using any device and with just the need of a browser. Furthermore, school systems can reduce costs by getting rid of on-premises server equipment and eliminating expensive computer labs, allowing for ease of management and faster deployments.

Benefits include:

  • Any, any, any – 24/7/365 access to apps and desktops from any device, any location, any browser.
  • End-point security implemented as an integral part of the solution; turn any end point into a near zero client device.
  • Platform security with stringent controls gives customers complete transparency into the configuration and operation of their desktops/apps.
  • Each VM is returned to its original known good state after every single user session.
  • Performance of H.264 protocol.
  • Ability to lockdown only apps that students need to use and eliminates random browsing.
  • Native integration with cloud storage providers.
  • Accommodates diverse funding models.
  • Leverage the elastic nature of the cloud to deliver high performing solutions on-demand, reducing costs.
  • Scale to the needs of your education institution in minutes and hours, not days/months/years.

Built for the public cloud: Nutanix Frame was built from for the cloud age. The platform includes everything needed to deliver standalone applications, client server applications, simple Cloud PC applications, and high-end cloud workstation applications such as Adobe, Autodesk, Matlab, or SPSS. You can run any software in your browser.

True multi-cloud: Frame is the only cloud agnostic browser focused solution on the market, freeing educational institutions from vendor lock-in and reducing complexity. Users can run workloads in any region on AWS, GCP, and Azure public cloud, and it supports AWS GovCloud and Azure Government.

Scalable: With Frame, educational institutions can scale up or down while enjoying the same benefits and seamless collaboration. Windows apps run unmodified, allowing the same installation experience as on a PC. Frame automatically detects new applications for onboarding and maintains a smooth user experience.

Simplified operations: Frame offers a quick and easy start, allowing you to add new apps, end-users, and services in minutes without specialized traditional VDI capabilities. Run applications and desktop environments in Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers without requiring receivers, plug-ins, downloads, or agents.

Flexible licensing: With Frame, you only pay for what you use. Nutanix provides a variety of pricing options, including per-user subscriptions and usage-based licensing. Customers can use Nutanix’s IaaS subscription for one bill with competitive pricing. However, Frame also supports BYO subscriptions for GCP, AWS, or Azure, making it simple to provision resources into a customer’s own IaaS account while supporting network and identity integration.

Top notch security: Security is absolutely vital for schools. Nutanix provides application access with integrated network security. No VPN is needed to secure access to virtual applications and desktops, implementing end-point security is an integral part. The only software required is a browser.

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