Nutanix Frame for Government Solves Agency Challenges

Aug 20, 2021

Sherry Walshak,
Senior Federal Solutions Marketing Manager, Nutanix

Most federal agencies are either still working remotely or in a hybrid model, creating a great need for technology solutions that bring flexibility and security. Nutanix provides end user computing solutions to agencies with remote employees while maintaining security with their Desktop as a Service (DaaS) offering, Nutanix Frame.

Government Challenges

Digital transformation has been a government agency concern for quite a while; however, it wasn’t until the pandemic that it really came to the forefront as IT leaders scrambled to find quick solutions to equip workers with the apps and tools to work remotely. By embracing digital transformation, government agencies have the power to improve services, achieve cost savings, and significantly improve quality of life for citizens. However, many agencies are wondering how they can implement a cloud strategy that is cost-effective, secure, and agile.

As citizens and employees become frustrated with delays in access to applications, data, and services, agencies are also under pressure to provide a better end user experience. Cloud services are critical for successful digital transformation initiatives, but cloud strategy has its own challenges. Cybersecurity threats, procurement, and acquiring new technology are all challenges agencies must navigate. As agencies struggle with data security and compliance risks, choosing the right service and deployment models, data ownership, and management is crucial to success.

Why DaaS?

DaaS allows government IT providers to leverage a cloud-hosted solution for managed desktop and application delivery. Federal employees need seamless access to their desktops and applications, and DaaS is the simplest way forward without placing additional strain on government IT teams. DaaS is a clear winner for government agencies who are looking to increase operational efficiencies by offloading complex, non-differentiated traditional desktop services.

Compared to traditional VDI, DaaS offers an on-demand, pay-as-you-go model that can help shift costs toward an OpEx model (unless delivering workload VMs on-prem) and make it easier on government budgets compared to CapEx-heavy VDI. DaaS allows agencies to keep more data space in-house as a baseline resource and pay for additional cushion from the cloud only when they need it. The entire solution’s management and maintenance can be outsourced to an experienced partner, leaving the IT team and agency decision makers to focus on their use cases and their people: the most valuable resource in government initiatives. Further, DaaS enables the ability to leverage modern solutions that deliver advanced capabilities to nearly any location on earth.

Why Nutanix Frame?

As part of Nutanix Government Cloud Services, Nutanix Frame Government is an industry-leading hybrid and multicloud DaaS solution that delivers Windows desktops and applications to users anywhere, on any device, with just an HTML5 browser. Nutanix Frame is cloud-native, multi-tenant native, and secure by design. While the Frame control plane is hosted and maintained by Nutanix as-a-service, customers have the flexibility to deploy their Frame workload VMs within their private, hybrid, and public clouds – all within a single platform. Frame is the middle ground that many agencies are looking for between traditional VDI solutions and pure-play DaaS solutions in terms of enterprise features and functionalities, deployment flexibility, and operational simplicity. Frame is the only true pay-as-you-go end-user computing cloud platform that charges customers for what they use and nothing more. Unlike a traditional, fixed-cost VDI model, Frame eliminates the frustration of provisioning resources for peak capacity that usually go unused. And, Frame is the only cloud agnostic solution on the market, freeing agencies from vendor lock-in.

The Frame Government platform is purpose-built for federal government customers and operated by Nutanix in compliance with United States International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Frame Government is also FedRAMP Moderate Authorized.

Features include:

  • Deliver desktops and applications to any device with a web browser
  • True hybrid and multi-cloud DaaS: deploy workloads on-premises on Nutanix AHV or in AWS GovCloud, Azure Government, and GCP FedRAMP Regions
  • No need to worry about costly version upgrades – Frame is evergreen
  • Eliminate expensive physical workstations and reduce user onboarding times
  • Eliminate VPN access with Frame’s built-in reverse proxy appliance for external access
  • Deploy and scale quickly leveraging Frame’s robust automation engine and API integrations
  • FedRAMP Moderate Authorization and ITAR Compliance
  • Flexible subscription options, including term or monthly pay-as-you-go

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