Empowering Public Sector Technical Teams With Generative AI in a Secure Collaboration Platform

July 10, 2023

Ian Tien
CEO and Co-Founder - Mattermost

Recent advances in generative artificial intelligence (AI) – with its seemingly limitless potential use cases – have captured the public imagination. And they’re just as compelling to government agencies and the military. Organizations across the public and private sectors are racing to identify the most effective applications of the technology and to implement robust and secure solutions enabled by generative AI.

For instance, generative AI can be a powerful assistant to technical and operational teams such as those involved in application development and incident response. The technology can help teams gain real-time insights, bring to light solutions to unexpected problems, and help make fast, data-driven decisions.

It’s with those advantages in mind that Mattermost partnered with Ask Sage to integrate the Ask Sage GPT solution with the Mattermost secure collaboration platform. The result is secure, AI-enhanced collaboration for technical teams in the U.S. public sector.

Real-time Insights, Natural-language Format

Mattermost is a secure, workflow-centric collaboration platform for technical and operational teams that need to meet nation-state-level security and trust requirements. Available self-hosted or in the cloud, Mattermost integrates team messaging, audio and screen share, technical tools, workflow automation, and project management in an open-source solution.

Ask Sage is a GPT-powered platform provider that specializes in enabling secure access to Generative AI capabilities for both government and commercial teams. With a wide range of use cases, including summarization, coding, code review, code improvement, RFP writing, responding and evaluation, and report writing, Ask Sage is built on cutting-edge AI technologies such as Azure OpenAI GPT, Cohere, Google Bard, and various open-source LLMs. The solution can ingest custom datasets, tap into APIs, and connect to data lakes for real-time data and insights in a natural-language format.

Ask Sage can quickly and automatically process large amounts of structured and unstructured data – including government-related data such as laws, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), DoD Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), and DoD policy and governance content. Outputs include summaries, translations, sentiment analysis, deep insights, and coding.

Integration of Ask Sage with Mattermost provides technical teams with secure, real-time access to generative AI to enhance collaboration, operational productivity, and decision quality. Government and contractor teams can now securely leverage the power of OpenAI and collaborate within a single, seamless interface.

Real-time Insights, Natural-language Format

With this strategic integration, Mattermost equips technical teams to leverage generative AI to accelerate processes, increase output, and improve outcomes. It’s ideal for government teams that write code, manage RFPs, analyze large data sets, or develop and translate intelligence reports.

Ask Sage offers rapid data analysis and summarization to help teams gain new insights as circumstances evolve. Team members spend less time and effort on manual research and analysis, giving them more time to focus on higher-priority decision-making and strategic tasks.

Users can improve the accuracy and depth of Ask Sage results by uploading relevant data –which is labeled by classification level, encrypted, and separated from the OpenAI models. Once uploaded, the data can be accessed only by authorized users through granular access controls within Mattermost.

Collaboration Purpose-built for Public Sector

Mattermost is well-suited to technical public sector teams, because it’s available as an on-prem, self-hosted deployment. That means teams can collaborate securely with lower risk of compromise. It’s also an open-source solution, so organizations can tailor security settings to protect information at impact levels up to IL6 for DoD Secret data. That’s protection that general-purpose, cloud-based productivity and instant-message tools can’t match.

The platform allows teams to create as many topic- or project-specific communication channels as they need. These channels allow users to centralize conversations, data, and tools – including Ask Sage – in the right context. That keeps team members focused and productive, without the need to continually context-switch.

Another useful Mattermost feature is built-in, customizable playbooks – essentially digital checklists – that help team members consistently take the right actions at the right times. Mattermost playbooks can now include generative AI to further automate and accelerate project workflows and incident response.

Leveraging Mattermost’s secure collaboration platform combined with Ask Sage’s generative AI capabilities can revolutionize the way government teams work together, manage technical projects, and respond to mission-critical situations. As interest in OpenAI GPT and similar platforms grows, this strategic integration is a gamechanger in enabling U.S. government and military organizations to securely benefit from generative AI.

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