Carahsoft Introduces new "Google Workspace" with Google Cloud

Oct 15, 2020

The Carahsoft Team

Carahsoft, a Google partner, is pleased to introduce the new Google Workspace platform. Google Workspace includes custom email and all of the productivity apps government agencies already use—Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Forms, Sites, Chat, and more—all in one place. Whether government employees are returning to the office, working from home, on the frontlines with mobile devices, or connecting with stakeholders, Google Workspace provides a reliable and efficient way to create, communicate, and collaborate.

With Google Workspace, everything you need to get anything done is now in one place. Consolidating the apps in one place allows three major developments:

  • A new, deeply integrated user experience that helps teams collaborate more effectively, frontline workers stay connected, and organizations power new digital customer experiences.
  • A new brand identity that reflects Google’s ambitious vision and the way its products work together.
  • New ways to get started with solutions tailored to the unique needs of Google’s broad range of customers.

Google Workspace helps government employees get more done at work and at home—with communication and collaboration tools familiar to billions of users. The platform is redefining how teams collaborate to deliver citizen services and mission impact—while increasing agency productivity with real-time access to information anywhere your employees go. It is designed for flexible, fluid, and fast collaboration—when, where, and how you need it.

"Google Workspace can help teams stay connected and collaborative, whether they’re in an office or working remotely,” said Carolee Gearhart, Global Channel Chief at Google Cloud. “We’re proud to work with our partners like Carahsoft to bring Workspace to customers and to help organizations build a foundation for collaborative, distributed work."

Government staff can address the mission-critical tasks while Google handles the rest—with best-in-class AI and search technology that helps everyone work smarter. It provides an integrated workspace that’s simple and easy to use, so you spend less time figuring out how to manage your work and more time actually doing it. And all Google apps are designed from the ground up with industry-leading security and privacy controls built-in—and powered by the cleanest cloud in the industry.

Google is uniquely positioned to help government agencies, given its history of product innovation. More than 2.6 billion users choose Google apps every month—since the company has spent decades building products that are simple, easy to learn, and anticipate users’ needs. Google products are all cloud-based, so agencies can innovate with speed, with no need to worry about maintaining legacy desktop apps. Google’s global infrastructure helps deliver consistent quality and reliability around the world.

Work itself is transforming in unprecedented ways. For many, work is no longer a separate physical place, and interactions that used to take place in person are being rapidly digitized. Amidst this transformation, time is more fragmented—split between work and personal responsibilities—and human connections are more difficult than ever to establish and maintain. These are unique challenges, but they also represent a significant opportunity to help people succeed in this highly distributed and increasingly digital world. Today’s news shows how Google is evolving to meet the needs of today’s workforce.

Contact us today and talk to a team member about how Google Workspace is helping government employees get more done at work and at home.